August 13, 2009

Humor and Inspiration

Since there isn't much to talk about on the training front, I thought I'd share two things that really brightened my day - one that made me laugh and one that inspired me.

Let's start with inspiring. In the August issue of Runner's World, an article titled "Small Miracle" profiles single-leg amputee Scout Bassett, a young woman who has risen above limitations to become a world-class, competitive triathlete. While most people in her shoes would have spent life focusing on what they couldn't do, she went out and competed in a track event for disabled athletes within hours of getting her new prosthetic. She finished last and said the experience was defining because it showed her what was possible. She went on to take Silver in the ITU World Triathlon Championships. That spirit of never giving up is contagious. People ask me all the time why I do this and the answer is: because I can. Hearing stories like this make me want to do even more.

And now for funny. If laughter is the best medicine, this provided a hefty dose today. Triathletes and cyclists are known for being gear obsessed. It's not uncommon to see cars pull up at races with a bike or two racked on it that easily exceed the value of the car. Anyone who enjoys cycling, or knows anyone who does, will find this video hilarious. Enjoy.

Biking (trainer)
Time - 45:00


  1. I love that video! I feel like I've seen that hipster 100 times in Williamsburg.

    I don't know when they came out with the blue P2. I like it a lot better than the red version. Of course, a blue bike is always faster ;)



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