September 11, 2009

Almost Time

With just one day to go I don't have a whole lot to say. I'm getting nervous and starting to reflect a lot, which I guess is normal after thinking about a single day for an entire year. The athlete's dinner and briefing made me feel a bit sad tonight. I would give anything to be here racing the race I worked so hard to prepare for. But things don't always go the way you hoped.

A friend reminded me tonight that I haven't spent my 34 years of life building for this day. This is really just one day in this one year and while it's disappointing, it won't be my last shot at the Ironman distance. I'll have my perfect day eventually.

Tomorrow will be all about preparation and rest. I'll walk and jog for the first time in weeks, sign up for Ironman Wisconsin 2010, drop off my bike and transition bags, and spend the day with my family staying calm and focused. I'm anxious for race day to come so I can see how this story ends.


  1. I know that you are frustrated and disappointed but you are so much more than this little triathlon.

    This day – this race does not define you!



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