September 17, 2009


I seem to have escaped the dreaded PIDS - Post Ironman Depression Syndrome. At least so far. Prior to the race I was really concerned about this. You spend nearly a year of your life focused on a single day in time so when it's over, you may find yourself feeling lost without a goal and missing the adrenaline and good feelings race day brought. I'm definitely missing the race environment and the friends I shared it with, and I'm sad it's over, but I'm not depressed at all. In fact, I'm still riding on this incredible high that doesn't seem to be fading. I've had a permanent smile since Sunday morning. It's a great feeling.

I returned to New York and reality this week. I'm still capturing my memories and thoughts from the day and will post an epic race report by the weekend. I've uploaded more than 100 photos to Facebook and still have more to sort through. My bags remain in my dining room unpacked. I have a lot of catching up to do.

My soreness has subsided after a few days of rest and one of the most brutal massages I've ever had. I also got back into the pool and while it felt great to be active, I felt like I was swimming through mud. I can tell I'm fatigued even though I feel good so I'm embracing the rest. After a few sleepless nights I finally slept great last night so I seem to be getting back to normal.

I'm already looking forward to my next Ironman adventure. I'll be toeing the line in Lake Placid in 10 months and then Wisconsin again 7 weeks later. But for now I'm going to continue to bask in the memories from Sunday and focus on recovering my foot. I want to start next season 100% healthy and ready.

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