September 22, 2009

Time Off

I've been on an extended break that doesn't seem to be ending. I feel a little burned out now that all the Ironman excitement is wearing off and even though I have light training on the schedule, I've been skipping it most days in favor of just living my life and catching up on the millions of things left undone for the past nine months. I feel a little sluggish as a result and know when I resume normal activity I'll be re-energized, but for now I think it's a break I need both mentally and physically.

One of these days I'll post my full report, maybe in parts or maybe just one long post. I'll also load up a slideshow of the 150+ photos I've already posted on Facebook. I'm still buzzing emotionally from the incredible experience, but for once I'm slowing down and listening to my body - and my body wants to be lazy. So I'll indulge in it for a few more days, then try to get myself back on track. Lake Placid is only 10 months away after all!


  1. oh friend me on FB - I want to see your pictures (Tricia Cecil)

  2. K,
    Have fun, be bad, skip workouts, sleep in! You're supposed to embrace the time off! You'll have plenty of time to start training in November!

  3. I'm also riding (and loving) the lazy train. It just feels so good to have nothing scheduled. And there's so much beer to drink!

  4. go eat the biggest banana split you can get your hands on! its good for the soul.

  5. I remember post-IM in 2007, and I was SOOO productive once I wasn't training!!

    And YES, use the video!! If that was you, I'm glad I could catch you!!

  6. BTW, I looked through my "high-res" video, and I think that IS you around 49 seconds!! YAY!!



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