October 25, 2009

Happiness is an Outdoor Pool

I had the chance to swim in an outdoor pool this summer while visiting my sister in DC. I loved feeling the sun on my back and getting glimpses of trees and green when rotating to breathe. It was such a nice change from the basement pool I swim in. I'm back in DC for the weekend and much to my surprise, the outdoor pool is still open and the only thing better than swimming outdoors in the summer is swimming outdoors in the fall. It was a crisp, perfect day, right around 60 degrees and incredibly sunny with light wind. The water didn't feel particular warm, but was just the right temperature. There were fall leaves on the surface and I had to keep my eyes closed because the sun was so bright. It was absolutely wonderful. For the first time since Ironman I actually enjoyed swimming.

I have a short week and long weekend coming up. I'm heading up to Lake Placid on Thursday for what was originally meant to be a big biking weekend. However, due to lack of training I'll be taking it easy and attempting only one full loop at what I'm sure will be a leisurely pace. I'm also looking into other activities I can do that won't bother my foot, but will allow me to enjoy the area. It is so beautiful up there. The weather is looking decent with highs in the upper 40 and only one day of rain so far, but it's the Adirondacks so I won't trust the forecast until I wake up each morning. Regardless of the weather and the time I'm able to spend on the bike, I know it will be a really great weekend.


  1. ohhh I wish my outdoor pool was still open. sounds like a lovely swim !



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