October 13, 2009

Latest MRI

I got my MRI results today. Good news: the inflammation is significantly reduced which indicates healing. Bad news: there is a visible "discontinuity" in the fascia, meaning it's still torn. I'm also developing fibrous scar tissue that could make this injury a lifelong battle. The news was mixed and I found myself disappointed to hear it. What was I expecting? The doctor to call and say, "oops, my mistake, you don't have a torn plantar fascia after all?" Maybe. Or maybe I was just hoping with reduced inflammation we'd discover the injury wasn't as bad as suspected.

With swelling down and healing underway, I'm ready to start PRP injections. Pending confirmation from my insurance company, I may get the injection before the end of the week. I'll start physical therapy two weeks after the injection to speed healing and combat the formation of scar tissue.

The waiting game continues, but I'm optimistic that my body is trying to heal and with the most aggressive treatment possible, I'll get there eventually.

On the motivation and training front I'm feeling much better. Sunday's ride and yesterday's walk really boosted my spirits. I'm also preparing for a trip to Lake Placid at the end of the month so shopping for the cool weather gear has been fun and makes me want to get out and ride more. I was hoping to nail every workout this week even if out of order, but a big work event and other work obligations are making today and tomorrow training-free. I'm running on fumes anyway so it's best not to push it. I'll jump back in on Thursday and keep on track through the weekend. At least the desire is back. That's 90% of the battle. The other 10% is easy and most of the time, fun.

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  1. With desire you will always find your way back. :) You are a rockstar my friend and I am sure you will heal in no time. Take care of you.




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