November 7, 2009

First Race

I registered for my first post-injury race today, a 5K run/walk in Madison on Thanksgiving morning. I'll be walking of course, but not by myself this time. My mom is walking the race with me and I couldn't be more excited. My sister and her husband will be running and we're hoping to have my dad come along and be our official photographer. It will be a family affair.

Even though it's a walk it feels like a big step in my recovery. I feel completely normal about 90% of the time and have really picked up the pace as I walk around daily. For the first time in a long time I feel like I could run, but I know I'm not quite ready. I'm optimistic that the PRP will be the final push I need to get to 100%.

I swam today after a two-week hiatus and oh my. Swim fitness dies quickly. I felt like I was swimming through mud and was about as graceful as a fish flopping around out of water. I'm a little averse to swimming these days but clearly will need to force myself to go at least twice a week to maintain a marginal level of fitness. I only covered 1,300 yards and was beat. I wondered how I ever did those 4,500 yard workouts and managed 2.4 miles with over 2,000 people. Then I thought about everyone racing Ironman Florida today. I hope it's the day they dreamed of. There really is nothing like an Ironman.


  1. Is it to late to sign me up for the walk? I would love to do it with you and mom.

  2. You're all signed up! It will be fun.

  3. Woo Hoo! Now it really will be a family event. We are kicking off our Thanksgiving the right way!!

  4. thats a really good idea to involve your family into a run/walk. might have to copy you...have fun!



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