November 27, 2009

Five Days to Go

I received my training calendar for the month of December and for the first time in three months, there are run workouts listed. In just five short days I will attempt my first run since my pre-Ironman injury, a whole 10 minutes done in two-minute run, one-minute walk intervals after a hefty walking warm-up. After the 5K walk yesterday I walked 5.86 miles with my sister and her husband today and was totally pain-free. I also had a dream last night that I was running again. Based on how long I've been in recovery, the time since my PRP injection and the finally normal pain-free walking I'm able to do, I think I am ready. But seeing it on the calendar made me instantly nervous.

I will progress from a 2'/1' interval in week one, to 3'/1' in week two, 3.5'/30" in week three and then non-stop running in week four. If all goes well I'll be able to do a continuous 30-minute run on Christmas day. That would be the best gift of all.

Here is a shot of my parents and I finishing the 5K walk yesterday. It doesn't matter what length or how hard a race is, it's always a great feeling to finish.

1 comment:

  1. Glad to hear that the running will begin soon! So all it took was that one shot?



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