December 21, 2009

Winter Wonderland

I can't recall a time I was so neglectful of this blog. Lack of free time is most certainly partially to blame, but lack of content is equally to blame. I am about as far away from being a triathlete as I can be given my lack of training. Sure I had some good stretches in October and November including a couple long rides and my trip to Lake Placid, but December, the month I was supposed to start training again, turned into me hating and boycotting the pool and then having a running meltdown before I really even began. Now I've had three inactive days in a row while the holiday revelry continues and I feel it. I'm mostly just disappointed in the loss of this base building month and when I think about Lake Placid being in seven short months I feel slightly ill. I trained eight months for Wisconsin and while I felt generally ready four weeks prior to the race, it was nice to have the extra time.

I've had some issues with my feet this past week. It's nothing to be alarmed about but it's certainly slowed me down and I'm hoping to see improvements this week after an extended period of rest. I've developed plantar fasciitis in my "good" foot, most likely due to the time in the walker boot and general poor gait including a three month limp. After two weeks of easing into running the pain was enough to serve as a warning sign to stop an evaluate things. I took the last nine days off running and barely did anything to supplement. It was my lowest training volume week yet. While I feel generally disgusting, my feet feel better so after a chat with my coach and doc I may be back on my feet by tomorrow to give it another try. That's all I can do.

We had a magnificent blizzard in New York City, something that always incited drama and excitement simultaneously. We hosted a dinner party that night for six friends and it was the perfect evening to be tucked inside and not have anywhere to be. We awoke to the city covered in snow with every child and dog for miles out enjoying the park. We don't get much snow in New York so it's always a bit magical. It made Christmas feel that much closer and reminded me I still have a lot of shopping to do. Just four more days to go...


  1. So much of this triathlon "stuff" is mental, rather than physical. Sometimes that means taking a break from workouts, or dialing way back. Rest is important. Even if you have a race coming up.

    That said, sometimes your brain needs to kick your butt, HTFU, and get'er done. Success and happiness comes from the right balance. Good luck!

  2. Sometimes you need a break. The physical side is obvious, but I have to have a break from training each year to recharge my brain too. You will get back on the horse soon enough!



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