January 24, 2010


This past week has been a blur. It started rather sanely and quickly morphed into something unrecognizable. The short holiday week, while incredibly lovely, came back to bite me as the week went on. We had pushed my Monday rest to mid-week to take advantage of the day off so I ended up taking it on Tuesday due to an 8am start at work. But then Wednesday blew up and was rest as well leaving me feeling defeated and tired by Thursday. So I did what I could and salvaged what was left of the week with an early morning run and lofty plans to bike that evening. That ended up not happening. My work day ended Thursday at 2am after 16 straight hours.

Remarkably I ended up logging nearly 10 hours of training despite all the scheduling debacles. I started things out on the right foot with Sunday's long hike and some quality bike and swim time on Monday. After Thursday's run, I followed it with a bike and run Friday and a short bike and hike on Saturday. My running is progressing beautifully so I'd like to dedicate a separate post to an update on that this week. It feels incredible.

The hike yesterday was great. It wasn't anywhere near the intensity of last week, but was a nice stroll in the woods on a beautiful day with friends. After the stress and exhaustion of the week it was exactly what I needed. We followed it up with wine by the fire and a really great meal. My days of being able to relax like that on a Saturday are numbered so I'm thankful to be able to enjoy them. After New Orleans I'll be kicking things into really high gear until July. I'm looking forward to it.


  1. My week so sounds like yours...that is if you throw in a lot of temper tantrums curtesy a one year old and a two year old...I thought I liked holiday weeks, but now I'm reconsidering...Here's to hoping for a less stressful and pleasant week!

  2. at least you had some flexibility to move things around, even if it didn't quite go according to (the back up) plan. hope this week is going better!



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