January 25, 2010

Born to Run

This isn't another review of the ever-popular book all athletes seem to be reading. Instead this is about a realization I had while running the other day. First of all, it still feels incredible to say "while I was running" after my long and difficult hiatus from the sport. But beyond that, my slow and gradual return has been far more positive than ever anticipated. My injury was a huge blow in an otherwise charmed year and it made me question every step I had taken along the way. I feared my return to running would be plagued by worry and doubt, constantly questioning aches and pains and dreading a repeat injury. Sure I had some doubtful moments in the beginning, but I realized the most prominent feeling I have while running is joy.

I was never an athlete, but 11 years ago something compelled me to give it a try. And almost immediately something compelled me to complete a marathon. During that 11 years I embarked on a personal and athletic journey that ultimately made me an Ironman. It's all so much more than I ever dreamed possible and running made it happen.

Over the past couple years, my running has improved tremendously. I'm no Paula Radcliff but I achieved my first sub four-hour marathon and felt I was only a year or two from a BQ when my injury struck. I feel most natural running compared to the other two sports and feel most at ease laced into my sneakers. I have no doubt I'll fight my way back. It may be another year or two but I'll get that BQ and realize another dream.

Most importantly, I have nothing to fear and look forward to the road ahead.


  1. Great post; you are so inspiring!

  2. Thanks for being an inspiration to those of us that are not born athletes....So happy that you are getting out there again!

  3. Great post. Other than the fact that it was only 9 years ago I stepped up to the Marathon, the same words apply to my experience. Nicely written.

  4. great attitude kristin :) one of the hardest things for me & my running is all the time you have to work! we've grown accustomed to getting what we want a lot sooner than "a few years" (or more!) and running is one of those things you have to stick with through think and thin. keep it up, you'll get your results!



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