January 31, 2010

Race Day Decisions

A couple months ago I decided to skip Eagleman Ironman 70.3. This was a hard decision since the race is my birthday weekend and because I only have four races on the calendar this season. But it felt like the right thing to do for my training. I still had New Orleans 70.3 and my two Ironmans. But this weekend I came to the conclusion that New Orleans just isn't meant to be. I did this race last year and loved every bit of the experience so I was looking forward to doing it again. However, the logistics took a complicated turn when Tribike Transport was dropped by the race director. I had an unpleasant bike shipping experience last year that I have no intention of repeating so I had some thinking to do. I figured all possible travel scenarios and all were incredibly expensive and an incredible pain in the ass so I had to ask myself how badly I wanted to do this race.

During all of this I realized something - the races just don't mean as much to me this year. I've always loved the training, but last year I was really longing for more races to break up the monotony. This year, because I chose very aggressive goals, I kept the calendar light and while it has gotten even lighter, I'm still ok with that. All I really want is to feel fully recovered, healthy and strong. I want to be able to do the training and make it to the start line injury free, regardless of which races I choose to do.

I'll decide this week for sure, but I think New Orleans will be out so I'll consider bringing Eagleman back in. In the meantime, I made some non-race decisions. I booked a long weekend in Lake Placid for Memorial Day and decided to take a short, solo vacation in March when things settle down after the Olympics project I'm working on. I'll be in Vancouver for 15 days and that's bound to take a toll on me. I'm looking into hiking in Death Valley to clear my mind and renew the soul a bit.

After a short run, I had drinks tonight with some fellow Lake Placid racers from my tri club. It felt good to talk about the race, training and the upcoming season and for the first time since I started training this winter, I felt really excited. 2010 should be a really good year.


  1. For what it's worth, I think you're making a good decision, race-wise. As fun as they are, racing "B" and "C" grade races can sure take a lot out of you and increase your risk of injury. And you certainly don't need any more of that. Two IMs, along with your work committments, in one year is pressure enough.

  2. Sorry you had to make the decision. Losing tri bike transport really took some wind out of my sails, so to speak. I wonder how many others are making the same decision due to losing tri bike transport. Thanks for the heads up on that bike shop. I will be avoiding them at all costs! literally!

  3. Good decision. Remember just keep it fun.

  4. i definitely struggle with the racing/training balance... i want to run races, but i want to train hard and pr big! sometimes i think i tend to psych myself out by racing so little. the expense is tough to deal with too. i know i can afford it but i still feel bad for spending a lot. any chance you can find a new race to supplement the 1-2 you lost? even if they are smaller/shorter/closer to home?

    i've never really raced often (/don't know how to plan a "season") and have avoided major injury thus far. so, maybe that'll be the same for you.



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