January 13, 2010

Win Some, Lose Some

Sometimes I feel like a broken record. Over the past year I've found myself 0n more than one occasion expressing the woes of being busy and missing training. Sometimes I think it's justified. There are days I have personal or work obligations that take all the time I have, or some days I don't feel well. I'm human. But other times I wonder if I use the conflicts as an excuse. Do I take what might be minor challenges and make them into something bigger? Maybe, or maybe not. Maybe I obsess over it too much as many triathletes seem to. This is definitely my hobby, something that brings me joy and gives me purpose, so I should just enjoy it for what it is, right? Instead I feel monumentally guilty for not squeezing it into my already packed schedule. That's both a blessing and a curse.

After keeping things afloat during a challenging week last week, the wheels came off this week. I had an early morning meeting yesterday that made a swim rather unappealing so I planned to do it after work. But when I walked out the door 12 hours later I was exhausted and a swim was the last thing on my mind. Then this morning I felt like a truck had run me over in the night so another workout was missed. I regrouped with a bike session tonight but it certainly wasn't my finest. It was better than nothing.

My work has been beyond busy. I can't get into details, but I'm preparing for a little sporting event in Canada next month and it's by far the most consuming thing I've ever worked on. The reward should be pretty tremendous though so for the next several weeks it has to be my focus. Life can't be all about triathlon after all... at least not all the time.


  1. Hey - found your blog via iron trish (and BT). Great blog!

    Schedules are tough for all of us. Sometimes work takes precedence, sometimes family, sometimes friends. Luckily, triathlon is a hobby for most of us, and like any other hobby sometimes we can devote more time to it. Don't fret. You'll find your center, and you'll find you "win" more than you "lose"

  2. you will find your groove! the weather right now doesn't help with the motivation factor, either.

    re: power, if $$$ is no issue and you are only using 1 bike, i'd go with an SRM crank system. its the gold standard for training with power. but man is it $$$!!! wanna pick some lotto #'s for me?

  3. It is a juggling act – and actually I am trying to learn how to juggle for real – hard to fit it all in – including the juggling.

  4. If you do the best you can every day, then that is all you can do! Don't be too hard on yourself.

    Now that you are a more experienced triathlete, it may also be that you know what you need to do to have a successful race, and missing a workout here or there isn't going to wreck your season!

    Can't wait to hear about Canada!

  5. if this sporting event is what i think it is ... i'd totally throw the workouts out the window! (take me with you!!) :)

    i understand though completely... sometimes it's hard to juggle training + work (+ all the other things we try to do). last fall i found myself squeezing in my runs in my 1-2 hours of "me" time after work. then it was hurry and heat up a late dinner, shower and go to bed. started to feel like a chore, and that's not what a hobby is supposed to be! try to relax your mind a little towards your training - it won't do you any good to skip a workout and stress about it.

  6. I hear ya sister. I'm having a hard time with work and training too. I often have to force myself to do my workouts. If it weren't for the fact that I am being held accountable by a coach, I probably wouldn't do them. Hang in there girl!



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