March 11, 2010

New Addition

Since last fall, I've been wanting a road bike. I've missed that feeling of riding simply for pleasure that you just can't get on a time trial bike. But road bikes are expensive so after all the money invested into my foot I decided to wait. I still wasn't 100% ready to pull the trigger, but then the amazing deals started popping up. I continued to resist.

Finally, last week, a new deal emerged and I lost my battle. Competitive Cyclist had the Cervelo S2 with SRAM Rival in small frames only, marked down 40% due to a discontinued paint scheme. It was the perfect deal and the perfect bike, I had to have it.

While I wasn't deliberately aiming to own two Cervelos, I really can't complain. They make beautiful, high quality bikes that fit me well. I don't care enough about being different to compromise on comfort. Hopefully she'll arrive just after my vacation and we can have our maiden voyage by the end of the month. Maybe it will be the jolt of motivation I've been looking for.


  1. That's a sweet bike. Congrats!

  2. I have had mine for a few weeks and its the most amazing road bike frame I have ever ridden. The frame is so incredibly stiff that it accelerates like nothing I have ever felt before. You are gonna LUV this bike!

    Oh, and since its so light, you will need to buy an anchor to keep it from floating away ;)

  3. Hot bike!! Are you going to name her?



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