April 18, 2010

Back in the Game

As I wrap up a really good training week I finally feel things are clicking along like they should be. I've had a couple minor setbacks - foot pain that forced me to back off of running, and some nutrition trial and error that left me too weak to do quality training. But as the week drew to a close I felt better than ever and closer to reaching my goals.

The big news from the week is in the running camp. I had my first pain-free long run on Friday, a 10-miler that was also my longest run in 8 months. I did it in 1:30:44, a 9:04 pace. It's nothing compared to what I was capable of last year but far more than I expected was possible given my limitations. I was truly overjoyed.

I'm also on track for a huge bike mileage month. I sort of joined a challenge to reach 600 miles along with some fellow IMLP racers. I'm just about on track with where I should be right now but have a business trip out of town next weekend that will cause a setback. Even if I don't get there I'll be somewhere in the 500s, which is on par with my biggest training months last year and so much earlier in the season.

My non-tri life remains incredibly busy and the balancing act continues but I'm happy and enjoying the ride.

Speaking of rides, I'm off for a chilly Long Island ride, my third consecutive day on the bike and another notch off my goal.

Best of luck to the Ironman New Orleans 70.3 racers today. I dropped this race for various reasons so I'm sad to be missing it, but looking forward to seeing how everyone does!


  1. Cheers for balance AND successful training!

  2. Glad to hear that you are back into the swing of things and that you had a pain free long run!



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