April 9, 2010

Friday Highlights

This was a really good week for training. Even on a day I travelled to Cincinnati I managed to get up early and run beforehand. The following day I was up at 4:45 again and swam 3100 yards before work. It seems I'm finally in Ironman mode.

I had a busy, but fun day today. It started with a two-hour bike fitting for my new roadie. Bike fittings are really incredible. You get to see yourself on video from various angles and learn quite a lot about your technique. It turns out I have a perfect pedal stroke and really great posture on the bike. I wonder if I should be biking a lot more? I might actually be good at it if I applied myself.

After a short ride I ventured out for my longest run yet, 8.5 miles. I had some minor issues, but overall it was good. I'm starting to let go of the fear of re-injury that's been lingering with me for so long.

I'll wrap up with some of the more memorable moments from my week:
  • A guy wearing a red flowered speedo and a snorkel lapped me during my Tuesday swim. Yes, a snorkel.
  • I took tons of healthy snacks with me on the trip to Cincinnati thinking I'd avoid the usual airport and travel garbage. I ate my hard boiled egg in the car before I even made it to the airport. Finished off the carrot sticks and half my almonds on the flight. Killed the rest of the almonds on the way to my client. Polished off the Odwalla bar I bought at JFK. And that was before lunch. I had two salads, a grilled chicken breast, a banana and a Luna bar and was still hungry. I guess my training appetite is back in a huge way.
  • While trying to drink from a Poland Spring bottle while running I managed to suck up a nose full of water. I tried to quickly blow it out but it was chilly outside so it turned into a semi-snot rocket, only I wasn't prepared so it ended up all across the side of my face. Isn't this a glamorous sport?
I'm getting up super early tomorrow for a big hike in the Catskills with my friend Debbie. Negotiating this fun crosstraining day on the weekends was the best thing I ever did.


  1. oh boy i love when i accidentally breathe water up my nose while running (or whenever) - so pleasant.

    sounds like you are a natural on the bike - if you enjoy it, definitely do it more :)

  2. A snorkel? Who uses a snorkel at a pool? Weird.



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