May 30, 2010

ADK Weekend

I'm back in Lake Placid for a long training weekend and as usual, feel as though I'm in heaven. We drove up late Thursday night and awoke Friday to some of the most beautiful weather I've ever seen up here. I decided to get my long brick out of the way so I could truly relax this weekend so I got up early, took a quiet walk on Main Street to assess the temperature and geared up and headed out. Since it was a Friday morning and most people were heading to town that day, I had the course to myself. It was peaceful and serene, I felt incredibly comfortable and happy. It was only 47 degrees when I left but it was sunny and felt warm. After my first loop I shed some layers to enjoy the 70+ temps the day had reached. I finished 100 miles around 2:30 and went for a short 30-minute run, my first brick of the season.

Everything went better than I could have asked for given my slow build up to the bigger volume. My feet keep allowing me to do this and I'm enjoying it so I can't complain. I spent the remainder of the afternoon in the gorgeous pool and hot tub at the Whiteface Lodge, my home away from home for the weekend. We then went to The Cottage, a little bar on Mirror Lake that was celebrating their 30th anniversary so dinner was complimentary. There we were, sitting outside in beautiful weather overlooking the lake and the mountains having a free meal. Does it get any better?

The rest of the weekend has been perfect. I spent an hour in Mirror Lake yesterday, my first open water swim since Ironman Wisconsin and my first swim at all in weeks. Once again, I had it to myself. I picked a time where no other swimmers were there and I can't describe what that was like. I popped up a couple times to take it all in - the incredible smell of the air, the silence aside from the birds and the views. This place is magical. The water is so clear I could see the bottom the entire way. If I lived anywhere near here I'd be swimming all the time.

We have another day to enjoy and will make the most of it. I hate to leave but I know I'll at least be back in eight weeks. I have so much to look forward to.


  1. Sounds wonderful!

    Although, 100 mile bike ride for your first brick workout?!?!? That is hardcore! :)

    I still haven't found a great place around here to do an open water swim - hopefully this summer.

  2. hey! i swear i saw you out there this weekend. okok, just found your blog today, but i WAS in LP with my wife, son, my sister, and her son to watch the Curious George show. ran around the lake Sunday morning while the crew slept in. always nice. i have some personal history in LP, so it is very, very nice to go back. you are right, it is beautiful.



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