May 4, 2010

Fish On!

Life keeps zipping by and I'm finding less and less time for the blog. While I miss capturing my training experiences here, I don't miss obsessing over the training the way I did for my first Ironman. I posted awhile back how different the second time around feels and as time goes on, that feeling is amplified even more. I'm able to do the training, but I feel more able to balance it with the other parts of my life and that's an amazing thing.

So in the spirit of balance I had a really fun, really unique weekend. I headed down to southern Maryland to join 11 other women for a charter striped bass fishing trip on the Chesapeake. Not only have I never been fishing in this manner, but I've certainly never done anything like this with an all-female group. The women were all incredible, the type who embrace life and truly enjoy it. It was a refreshing change of pace and highly memorable. Particularly, I don't think I'll forget reeling in this 25+ pounder, at least until I empty my freezer and my arm quits hurting.

Before you think the only exercise I got involved lifting beers and reeling in fish, I did take my bike with me and got in a long ride on Friday in the Annapolis area. It was navigation hell so I spent a lot of time on the side of the road looking at Google Maps, but I got the miles in and that's all that matters. I would have gone longer, but when you waste over an hour navigating and have driven four hours to reach your riding destination, you have to roll with the punches.

I woke up bright and early Saturday for a 10-mile run pre-fishing. My legs were pretty fatigued from riding hard Thursday morning (my boyfriend always makes me ride harder than I would on my own!), sitting in the car half of Friday and then the long ride. But immediately I could tell it was going to be a good run and it ultimately turned out to be great. I negative split the miles from 4-10 and had my final two at 8:32 and 8:22 respectively. I was pain-free again and felt a huge sense of relief at the end. I'm really optimistic that I can get back to my normal running self with time.

Stay tuned for more fishing pictures and trust me, they are not to be missed!


  1. That's one big fish! Congratulations on the catch. I'm also very impressed that you still managed to get in your ride and run.

  2. you training for the "new" triathlon? You know, jump in the water, catch a fish, then bike and run? haha! Nice catch!

    Re: Harriman Hill. Its the big wide open climb coming out of the hairpin turn leading up to Lake Welch. They closed the windy, shaded big uphill from the hairpin turn :(

  3. You are so well-rounded lately. Fishing now, too!

    Lake Placid is most likely still too cold for swimming. We usually don't venture in before Memorial Day (although it's warmer than normal, so maybe we'll get an early start). So far I've only gone ankle-deep into our lake, after last Sunday's long run so I could "ice" my blisters.

  4. so fun! glad the other women were cool and not high-maintenance or anything. i always struggle with getting workouts in when my schedule changes, especially around a trip -- you are dedicated to work them in!



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