June 20, 2010

Fast (for me) Century, Fatigue and Summer Colds

I've had an interesting week hence the interesting title. After my torture session (or massage), I woke up feeling really sore and had a bike ride on the schedule. Even though the weather looked great I decided to set up the trainer instead thinking I could minimize the discomfort. But after a few minutes of pedaling I could tell I was in deadsville. I was utterly fatigued from head to toe and just had nothing. I survived 30 easy minutes and used the rest of my morning to clean and organize my apartment, a much better use of my time given the circumstances.

As of Thursday I was on vacation for a long, relaxing weekend and I can honestly say I've never needed it more. I slept, and slept and slept, nearly 12 hours one night. I did a short ride Friday and still felt flat so a seed of worry was planted. On Wednesday I had signed up for the Montauk Century since I had 100 on the schedule and figured it would be nice to do it in an organized fashion. But nothing sounds more dreadful than a hundred miles on dead legs. So I crossed my fingers and hoped.

On Friday night I developed some chest pain and tightness along with a nagging cough. I brushed it off as another lingering symptom of fatigue and prayed I wasn't getting sick. But after four short hours of sleep I awoke Saturday morning to a miserable chest cold. I was fine otherwise - no head congestion, no fever, no aches, no sick feeling. So I got dressed and soldiered on, hoping the century would go well... and it did. While I didn't feel my best I felt good enough to push and it paid off. I completed my first sub 6-hour 100 and I felt great. I hit the century mark in 5:41:29 and ended up completing 102.6 miles in 5:49:02. I really worked for it, but I also didn't feel destroyed. I've been putting a lot of energy into improving on the bike and feel like it's finally paying off. I can't wait to see where I am by October.

Today was a sick day in the world of training. It included sleeping nine hours, having a leisurely brunch (involving a delicious bloody mary), watching a movie, having a late lunch (involving a beer) and a very lazy evening (involving a few sips of wine). All day I debated heading out for a ride or testing my lungs on a run but it was 90 degrees and humid and my lungs were unhappy so I decided to just relax. I can likely beat this with a few missed days, but if I push too much I'll have multiple missed days and even more miserable days so I'll be patient. After all, a brunch, a nap and a bloody mary never hurt anyone.


  1. Great job on the century!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Hi Kristin,
    Great to finally meet you at the 50 mile rest stop. Great time for the century!

    Feel Better.

  3. Awesome Century time!! I love Glenn's rides (as opposed to the one the 5BBC puts on)...I have done the Montauk Century every year for the past 4 years...bummed I missed this year! I'm set for the North Fork, would be awesome to meet you if you end up riding it!



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