July 23, 2010

Italy >>> Ironman

What an incredible two weeks of life I've had. My trip to Italy was beyond spectacular and I'm not sure the posts or photos will ever do it justice. I am compiling the pictures now and will do a series of posts next week by region visited and share the highlights and the ride details for each. We covered nearly 300 miles over seven incredible rides and climbed more than 20,000 feet. It was at once challenging and beautiful, some of the most rewarding time I've ever spent on my bike.
We ended up being there a bit longer than planned so I arrived home late Tuesday night. I worked Wednesday and packed like a maniac Wednesday night in preparation for a 7am departure to Lake Placid Thursday. It's been a complete whirlwind fueled by vacation memories and adrenaline, helping to battle the jet lag and fatigue. On Monday I was hiking in the Gran Sasso National Park in Abruzzo and today I'm in Lake Placid surrounded by Ironman madness. It's a great way to beat the post-vacation blues and taper tantrums. I don't even feel like I had a taper!Race day preparation will be in full swing tomorrow and then Sunday is the big day. I'm about 75% trained for this race so it's not perfect, but should be enough to have a great day and form some new memories. I've been spending the last two days with friends from IMWI and other races and remembering why I do this. It's an incredible community of people and the energy is unrivaled. Once again, I'm very lucky to be here.

Best of luck to everyone racing!


  1. Looking forward to the posts! Sounds like an amazing trip!

  2. Better undertrained than overtrained - or even worse - hurt!

  3. You are living quite the charmed life Kristin. Sounds like the perfect taper for IMLP. Best of luck in the race.

  4. Kristin, YOU KILLED IT!!!! - I'm so incredibly happy for you! I still have your phone number, and am tempted to call and get a race report right now, but I'll be patient. Until then, congratulations!



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