August 6, 2010


My two-week recovery period is nearing an end, which simultaneously makes me sad and elated. Last weekend was a real test with two consecutive rest days on the calendar. Two. Entire. Days. Luckily I bonked after Friday's swim and was force to push my easy bike to Saturday so after sleeping in I biked for an hour and then met a girlfriend for brunch. Brunch was followed by a leisurely outdoor drink, long walk, pedicure and relaxing dinner in the city. I could get used to this rest thing. Or so I thought.

The boredom kicked in on Sunday. After an easy, hour-long walk (involving a flaky, delicious, almond croissant and coffee) I proceeded to clean my apartment for nearly 7 hours. Yes, 7 hours. I did things like mop, move furniture, wash and iron a bed skirt and reorganize closets. I also did laundry, went to a farmer's market and cooked an elaborate dinner. I was so wiped by the end of the day I couldn't wait to collapse onto the couch. I started to wonder: do triathletes know how to relax?

The good news is my body responded well to the break. I had a little bit of training every day this week and had social plans each night. I was tired but only from waking up early again. The deep, heavy fatigue has vanished and my appetite returned to normal. I did my first running - 15 minutes Tuesday after a ride and 25 minutes yesterday - and was issue-free. I still have a swim today and a small brick workout tomorrow before my recovery week is officially over. I'll enjoy the rest day Sunday before leaping into my IMWI build.

Will I be ready? Only time will tell. For now I'm feeling pretty good and am so happy I decided to do two Ironmans this year. I'm not quite ready for the offseason, but I'm sure I will be on September 13.

I've started my race report, which will be posted in three installments just like last year. If you haven't read one, check out my IMWI report and you'll see why it's taking me so long. For a race as long as Ironman it's hard to do a condensed summary and you wouldn't want to. There is so much to capture, so many memories and experiences. I'm hoping to share them with you soon.


  1. Looking forward to the report!

  2. We'll be spectating at Madison this year, and will keep an eye out for you - good luck on the build!

  3. 7 hours of cleaning?!?! That is like an Ironman cleaning session! Did you at least get a medal when you were done? :)

    I'm hoping to be at Madison this year as well (as a volunteer). I'll keep an eye out for you!



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