September 1, 2010

Deja Vu

What is it about Ironman Wisconsin that finds me sitting in a podiatrist's office just days before the race? I had a moment of deja vu today as I did just that.

I had a huge volume weekend as I wrapped up my final build. I biked 100 miles Friday, 62 miles Saturday and ran 15 miles Sunday. The bike miles left me sore and fatigued so the run was a challenge. I had also enjoyed a bit of champagne and a late night Saturday so I didn't get started until early evening. It was 94 degrees and I wasn't feeling tip top, but surprisingly my body responded and the miles started clicking by. Everything was fine for about 10 miles. I stopped for a bathroom break at my boyfriend's place and while standing in his apartment I felt a twinge of pain. I stretched, started running again and the pain subsided, but then kicked back in around mile 11. It was hot, humid and dark, and I was a few miles from home so I decided to keep running and just ease up the pace. By 14 I was limping and I finally bagged it at 15. I hobbled home for ice and ibuprofen and prayed for the best.

The pain was enough to give me pause and the visit to the doc was for peace of mind. Luckily things seem ok, but I'll be paying very close attention to how I feel. As much as these races mean to me, I'm not willing to risk another beautiful fall season spent in a walker boot. I asked a lot of my body this year - a half Ironman and two Ironmans - and it has delivered quite nicely. But I think it's ready for a break.

I'm enjoying my taper by catching up on sleep and resting the foot. I've had three consecutive days off so I'm planning to get back on the bike tomorrow and hopefully ride through the weekend. In just one week I'll be in Wisconsin for my final race of the season. My team of supporters will be wearing these shirts, so incredibly appropriate for the situation.


  1. If you hear someone cheering for you in Mt Horeb on the Bike course that will be me..I just got my Volunteer email my shift is at that Bike Aid station from 7am to Noon...on the map it appears to be on 8th Street just before CtyRd.S. I plan on heading over to the run course after.

    Good luck over the next 10 days!!

  2. I hope it turns out to be nothing long term! Thanks for your comment about tight calves and plantar issues. It is all starting to make sense now and how important stretching and foam rolling is.

  3. I'll be looking for you and cheering at IMWI as well! I'm working the men's T2 tent, so I probably won't see you while volunteering unless you get horribly lost during transition - haha. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for your team shirts!

    I just read your IMLP Run report as well. Awesome job! It has me so excited to sign up for next year. I can't wait!



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