September 21, 2010

Fall Fun

I have a hard time embracing the offseason at first, but then usually dive in so wholeheartedly I end up terribly out of shape. I'm attempting to change that this year by actually gaining something (besides a few extra pounds) during my offseason. You can't keep your Ironman fitness all year, it simply isn't possible. And you don't need it. But you can stay in great shape, and if you approach it correctly, get into even better shape. I shared my offseason goals fitness goals yesterday, so here's a look at a few fun things I've lined up to keep the mind and body from falling apart:
  • September 25 - Escape New York Metric Century. Sure it's a route I ride all the time by myself for free, but a friend is doing it so we figured it would be fun to catch up and eat all the free pastries we can stuff into ourselves. The only catch is that I'll have to pile on roughly 20 miles to and from so I may be exceeding 80 miles. Holy lactic acid...
  • October 3 - Merrell Down and Dirty Mud Run. This will only happen IF I can convince at least one other living, breathing human being to join me. I thought everyone would be dying to do it. Turns out not everyone is interested in crawling around in mud. Who knew.
  • October 16 - Tussey Mountainback 50-Mile Relay. We have a team of 7 so far and it should be a great time. I'll be running two legs, likely around 10 miles total. Piece of cake. The full day hanging out in the van with fun people is the part I'm really looking forward to.
  • October 24 - Army 10-Miler. I'll be running this with my sister and her husband at whatever pace they choose. It's a little early for me to be doing a race this long with my running hiatus, but it's annual and it's fun. Plus there's a wine tasting the day before and my sister's birthday and wedding anniversary.
  • November 7 - Prospect Park Duathlon. I've never done a du so I figured, why not?
It's a busy little schedule, but filled with the fun events you have to shun for Ironman training so I'm really looking forward to it. It should shake the post-Ironman depression/boredom and remind me of the joy of the sports. The weather couldn't be more amazing either. I just wish I could lace up my shoes and head out for a run, even if just a short one. But I'll be patient.


  1. I want to crawl in the mud but I live too far away! I can't find anyone who is willing to pay money and travel long distance to play in the mud.

    Congrats on your IronMan! You are an inspiration!

  2. Off season? You call this an off season? You make me feel like I need a coach to get my act together - I feel inadequate at planning my racing now haha.

  3. Holey Smoke Kristin! You call that an off-season? I try to do about 1 event a month to keep my feet to the training fire. You'll have to re-title your blog to "The Energizer Bunny." The events do sound like fun. Just be sure not to burn yourself out.

  4. Busy body you are! haha!

    I would LOVE to do some more races this off season, but I am going to make that inner fire HUGE for next July instead.

  5. Kristin,

    I am a BTC member and longtime follower of your blog. I would consider doing the Merrell run with you, although the entry fee is a bit steep for a 5K-10K. If you're interested, contact me at fille.en.exil [at] gmail [dot] com



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