September 29, 2010

Night Rider

With the days getting shorter and weather less favorable, it's getting harder and harder to ride in daylight on weekdays. If I go early in the morning it's as dark as night and by the time I get off work it's well past dusk. But tonight I flew back from a business trip and landed at 5pm so I was home, changed and clipped in by 6:27pm. Even at this early hour I was racing the daylight, but it was nice to get started with some lingering light in the sky.

It felt so great to ride after sitting in meetings and on airplanes, undoing some of the damage done by room service and lack of activity. I rode solo for about 40 minutes and then ran into a friend and rode another 45 minutes with him. By then it was incredibly dark and I could hear crickets chirping, but the park was filled with runners, walkers and cyclists. It's like we're all fighting to hang onto the last shreds of good weather and defy the end of summer. At least that's what I'm doing.

I was in trainerville on Monday due to monsoon-like rain. It was depressing to be forced to ride inside, but since I had an interval workout on the schedule it was actually tolerable. I haven't done trainer intervals in awhile and forgot just how hard they can be. After an extended warm-up I did 3x3' at 160bpm and 80-90rpm with 1' easy pedaling in between. I felt like it was an hour well spent and it made me hopeful that I'll find new and different enjoyment when the weather finally forces me inside for good.


  1. I hear ya! I have lunchtime to ride outdoors now 2X a week, otherwise its the drainer if I am not out on the weekends. I need to get one of those 6AM to 2PM kind of jobs....

  2. Yes, go figure I start to really enjoy biking at the end of summer! I rode my first trainer ride the other day - I set it up on my (covered) front porch so I wouldn't be stuck inside (it was raining)--maybe you could do that too? I'm sure the neighbors thought I was weird.

  3. Way to get out there and beat the sunset!

    I'm not looking forward to trainerville at all.

    Last year, I made it through the first week of December before I was forced into the basement for the winter. I'm hoping I can make it as long this year.



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