September 14, 2010

Post-Ironman Fog

I keep sitting down at the computer intending to post about the race, but can't seem to find the words. My mind has been in overdrive since Sunday processing the memories, the experience, the entire year. This race was quite the journey, starting back in early 2008 when I watched Kona and thought, "I'd like to do that." I had to learn to swim, get over my fear of the bike and challenge everything I thought was impossible. It continued with an incredible year of training and an incredible injury with a very bittersweet finish to my first Ironman. It culminated with a two-Ironman summer and two unbelievable PRs. I couldn't be more happy.

My friend Chris pointed out something really amazing today. I passed approximately 600 people on the bike, and then around 600 more on the run. They say you get the race you trained for and I believe I did. I did not put the time and effort into the swim and I paid dearly. I trained very hard for the bike and had an incredible ride. And I fought the good fight to be able to run at all this year and pushed my body to the safest limits I could, but in the end it took more heart than fitness to run the marathon I did. I was so proud of what I accomplished on the run.

I've been sleeping a lot, wearing compression 24/7 and enjoying down time with my family. We had a beautiful celebratory dinner last night at my favorite Madison restaurant, took a long walk by the lake today and did a nice little recovery swim. My sister and her husband headed back to DC so I had a final dinner with my mom and dad tonight. I'm feeling a little sad that it's over, it meant so much to share this experience with my entire family so I'm already looking forward to 2011. Once I clear my head and collect my thoughts I'll get my race report posted and share some of the hundreds and hundreds of pictures from the week. It's pretty nice having a professional photographer in your support crew!


  1. You deserve a LOT of beer and ice cream after your IM performances this year. Well done!

  2. congrats again! i'll be saying that a few more times, for the record :) did you do a shorter tri, or just jump straight to an IM? (i can't recall, sorry. i'll search around the blog for a bit also)



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