October 27, 2010

Races of a Lifetime

My blogger buddy Jon recently posted about race bucket lists. We all have them. The races we've dreamed about doing before we leave this earth and for many of us they are the obvious ones - Kona, Boston, Alcatraz. But for others they are surprising and different. I've been amassing a list for several years and posted it as a comment to his original post. I thought I'd share it here:

Ironman Western Australia
Ironman New Zealand
Ironman South Africa
Vineman 70.3
Maraton du Medoc
Comrades (uphill year)
The Relay
Triple T
Boston Marathon
Kona, of course :)

The nature of a bucket list is that you tend to let it sit until that proverbial bucket is ready to be kicked. I've decided I want to start kicking it now, life is short after all right? My first Ironman in 2011 isn't until September. I also have a unique year approaching in 2012 that will make my usual Ironman plans somewhat difficult. So now might be the time.

I'm putting together a team for the 2011 Relay in Northern California. I don't care if I have to fill it with strangers, I will be heading out in a van on April 30 from Calistoga ready for California's longest party. And when 2012 rolls around I plan to be training for the "Up Year" of the Comrades Marathon. This might be the ultimate dream race for me, registering way higher than Kona or Boston. If I can finish this, I truly believe I can do anything.

Then in the fall I'd like to tie things up with a bow by running the 2012 Maraton du Medoc. If I survive the 20 wine tasting stops, oysters and dancing, I might do another fall marathon and declare 2012 as the year of really living. I have no doubt it would be incredibly memorable.

As for the rest of the list? I hope I have time. It's all any of us can really hope for. After all, everything we do in this sport is a gift.


  1. Wow! It sounds like you have some amazing things lined up in the future!

  2. i think everyone should have a race bucket list. glad you are going for a few in the next couple years! i would love to do comrades someday, too...

  3. Never heard of some of these races. Always great to read about non-MDot races. Will have to look into what Comrades is all about. I take it there is a downhill year?

  4. I found your blog was part of the 201Ironman club.

    Triple T is in my back yard, from everyone locally that has done it, they say its harder then an IM

    Its on my bucketlist too

  5. i keep meaning to make up my race-bucket-list. you don't have any 'beef' over the "ironman access" program? just curious... saw a LOT of jabber about that today/yesterday. (yes, i know they have since cancelled it)

  6. i'm in for Marathon du Medoc and The Relay and poss Comrades...depending on whether i'm feeling particularly crazy when reg opens!



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