November 22, 2010

Another Two

Doing two Ironmans in 2010 was incredibly rewarding. I didn't succumb to my foot injury and it proved just how far I have come from my former self who had a nasty habit of not finishing what she started. A lot of people question my blog title: how can a person who completed three Ironmans in 12 months be lazy? It's simple. We all come from somewhere and it's often not the manifestation of our current selves. We are constantly changing, trying new things, wanting to be different. And to some degree, battling a complete alter ego that could take over at any time. My alter ego is lazy. She can also be a quitter (I blame it on being a Gemini). So when I started this sport I swore I'd do it 100%.

I've spent the past month or so trying to figure out what I really want to do next season. The thought of two Ironmans was appealing, but based on timing and what was available, my choices were IMFL, IMAZ and IMCOZ. I've never had an interest in FL and while a vacation in Cozumel sounds lovely, swimming an Ironman without a wetsuit sounds about as fun as a root canal. So Arizona it was.

After toiling over the decision and being on and off the fence, I took the plunge and signed up online today. It only took 5 refreshes to get into the system and roughly 6 minutes to complete the entire process.

Why did I do it? The quote I keep on my blog kept running through my mind: "Someday my body will not be able to do this. Today is not that day." I don't know what the future holds for me, but I know this makes me happy. It defines me and keeps that alter ego at bay. The biggest challenge will be staying motivated for such a long season, beginning in February and ending in late November. But for now I'm going to truly cherish the couple months I have remaining in my offseason, and I'm going to start with a trip to Rome and Paris beginning tomorrow. Buon Viaggio!


  1. Congrats again on getting in at IMAZ!

    I hope you have a safe and fun vacation!

  2. I am no where near as diverse or well accomplished as you are in your sports but I do understand how easy it can be to become lazy. I think keeping up the mental side of our sports and sticking with it is harder than the physical portion of it. I like the quote too. I will keep that in mind going forward.

  3. Yay! Congrats on doing another. And have a fabulous time on vacation.... sounds amazing!

  4. I think you'll like IMAZ. I did it last year as my 1st IM event and followed some friends and pros on the live feed this past weekend. I was tempted to re-up for IMAZ, but my rule is one per year, and I'm already registered for IMCDL in June. Enjoy Paris & Rome.

  5. So exciting, K! On all fronts. Congrats on IMAZ (which you will love - not as challenging, I don't think, as WI or LP, but wonderful in its own way). I'm glad I'll have someone to commiserate with in the late season.

    And Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Love your quote... and have fun on your trip! We did Paris and Barcelona in the spring, it was awesome! Try the Velib bikes in Paris, it's the best way to see the city, and get around!

  7. Congrats on signing up for IMAZ! I signed up for it too! It will be my first though!! :)



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