December 10, 2010

The Raw Truth

In an effort to detox a bit and hopefully feel better overall, I consumed mostly raw foods for about 2.5 days. It wasn't a true cleanse or detox since I ate some regular foods and drank a little wine on Day 2 (hey, it was a really, really bad day), but rather was a clean break from the over-indulgence of Italy and Wisconsin.

So how did it go? Overall fairly well, but if you haven't subsisted on primarily raw foods before there are some things you should know. I was expecting to feel lighter and thinner, but instead felt bloated and fatter than before. I'm attributing it to the following:
  1. A raw diet tends to make one gassy, and not gassy in the sense that no one wants to be in the room with you, gassy in the sense that you feel like someone pumped you up. My stomach looked huge at times and I had a perpetual feeling of fullness.
  2. Despite eating all those vegetables, things slow down in the 'ol bathroom department, if you know what I mean. That also makes you feel bloated.
  3. I was consuming more liquid than ever before. The 1-2 green juices coupled with massive quantities of water and herbal tea had me feeling rather full.
Despite the bloating, there were some very positive benefits, specifically:
  1. My skin looked radiant. When you're consuming that many vegetables it actually makes you look better.
  2. My energy level was better and my sleep quality improved.
  3. My junk food cravings were curbed and when I consumed a bunch of sugar yesterday at a work function, I felt pretty nasty. Hopefully this will encourage me to keep the sugar to a minimum during these next few (very difficult) weeks.
Quite surprisingly I started enjoying the green juice and plan to keep it as a staple in my diet. It's nice to get the nutrient benefits of a bag of spinach, two stalks of celery, an entire cucumber, an apple or two and a lemon in a convenient, sippable form. But would I do a full-fledged juice cleanse? I'm not sure. Part of me thinks the challenge would be great but I just don't think it's necessary. I don't buy into the whole theory of resting your system and there is no way I'd give up caffeine. But who knows, I love a good challenge so maybe it would be something good for the New Year.

In closing, I need to come clean about my complete and utter failure to conquer winter and do some sort of swim, bike or run activity daily. I've done zilch since Sunday aside from 45 minutes on the elliptical to burn some calories. It was a busy week and I'd love to say I didn't have time, but the truth is I didn't make time. I'm going to attempt to get back into the swing this weekend. Please hold me accountable.


  1. I have taken a lot of diets and put them together to form "my diet" which helps me feel not bloated nor guilty about what I eat. I have taken pieces of "paleo" and "flat belly" and utter common sense, put them together and it seems to work for me. I have eliminated most dairy and most processed carbs (I only eat flour tortillas as a carb source).

    I do eat chocolate, but try to keep it as dark as possible.

    Whelp, I gotta go eat my frozen pizza now ;) hehe

  2. *Gasssssp**!! All this dieting torture but no exercise to back it up? Sounds futile.

    If it helps - I picked up a 'mantra' from Training Payne awhile back that helps me get out the door when I'm not feeling it.
    "Just got through the motions, and you WILL succeed".

    Just put the shoes on. Don't think about the run or the exercise or the training plan. Just mindlessly move in the direction of beginning a workout and the momentum will carry you through the rest.
    That works for me anyhow. Especially if I missed a workout. Its so hard to get going again.

    I know your next post will be about how you're back on track! Right!! :)

  3. Once you get going and in a groove, you will get your SBR routine back! Way to eat clean, I need to follow your example!

  4. Raw foods diet is wonderful and as a vegan, I include it in my diet every day. But like JohnP here noted, I really think that in order to lose weight, and/or keep in good shape you got to exercise. It's fun, too! :)



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