December 28, 2010

Winter Wonderland

How ironic is it that I'm in a place where it snows all the time, even when it's snowing nowhere else, yet we haven't seen a flake and where I'm from, where snow makes national news, they are buried in a blizzard? That has been my experience in Michigan while my home in New York has essentially been in lockdown. I'm scheduled to travel back tomorrow and I'd be lying if I said I weren't a little bit concerned. After the hell I had getting here I figure I have some good travel karma coming my way, right?

While it may not have snowed during my week here, there was a great deal of snow on the ground when I arrived. This part of the country is incredibly beautiful in the snow. It's rather idyllic and looks like how winter should be. I don't miss driving through blizzards and on sheets of ice, but I do miss experiencing winter in a way that doesn't cripple a major metropolis. Because the snow wasn't fresh, I've had a chance to run outside a lot and have enjoyed every step. Sure it's cold, but I grew up here so I'm tough (ok, I'm not, but let's pretend like I am). I snapped a few shots during today's run to capture the feeling. And I need a break occasionally. What can I say, I'm pretty beat up from the cookies, wine, ribs and other deliciousness.

Scenes From My Run

The holidays definitely made my fitness challenges even more challenging, but I managed to maintain the weight I arrived at, which isn't so bad all things considered. Beyond that I have had three great runs - 4 miles on Christmas day, 9 miles on the 26th and 5 miles today. I'm running 4 more in the morning before attempting to return to New York, and I also went to the gym and swam once. All in all, not a bad holiday break. I'm sad to leave my family, but looking forward to getting back on a schedule. How did your holiday training go?


  1. I actually thought of you during the Nightly News last night and wondered what your return travel plans were. Hopefully you have good luck getting back home. In theory, the airlines should be trying to get as many of their planes back to NYC as possible so hopefully going to NYC is easier than coming from.

    You sure picked a good week to be in Michigan. You got to enjoy the winter without any crazy weather.

    I started the holiday week off with some positive workouts, but it all went downhill quickly.

  2. Sorry....that's NOT a lot of snow! Minnesota has been DUMPED on in December. I think we have about 30 inches on the ground. NO grass peaking out on the side of the road here. Actually - the stop signs are peaking out over the top of snow banks & I have to worry about my dog going over the fence not under it!

  3. Totally agree Betsy, I was remarking on how unusual it was to be in Michigan without snow, while NYC was buried in it. 24 inches may not be much in Minnesota, but it's enough to shut down a city like New York!

  4. I'm jealous of the snow... I'd love to be stuck inside (I should be biting my tongue on that one I'm sure!)

    Great pictures from the run!



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