January 7, 2011

Cleanse Day 5: The End

Well, I did it. I stuck to the plan, I didn't cheat and I didn't sleep in and skip my training either. I opted to only do the running this week since my swimming and biking are active recovery at this point and my coach didn't want me burning precious calories. But I nailed the 3 run workouts that fell within my cleanse and logged 17 miles.

Today was another 6 mile run, an effort I was honestly a little skeptical about. Everyone warned me that my energy would be at rock bottom by the last day and there was no way I'd be able to run nearly an hour. I woke up feeling pretty flat and as I jogged to the gym (it was snowing and slippery, yet again) I felt pretty wretched and my legs burned walking up the stairs to the locker room. I figured I'd aim to hit 3 and call it a day. But after easing in I felt fine and my energy actually improved toward the end so I decided to go for the full 6 and pick up the pace. It's still way slower than the pace I usually run, but considering I'm consuming 1,050 calories per day I was pretty happy.

I stopped at the market to buy some avocados, something I am very much looking forward to for tomorrow, and decided to pick up a bunch of vegetables to help ease me out of the cleanse. As I put them away, I had my first pangs of sadness that I couldn't eat them. I'm still not hungry, in fact I have zero appetite, but that arugula looked so good and I imagined it drizzled with my really good olive oil and fleur de sel. I stood right next to the pastry case while waiting to pay and even that didn't phase me, which means it's a good thing this cleanse is almost over. Vegetables should never be more crave-worthy than cake.


  1. So now the ease out. We can't just wake up the next morning and BOOM, go back to our normal diet, right?

    I have been so flavor starved that at one point eating a bite of avocado was like eating chocolate ice cream.

    I hear after staying off sugar for a long time, that trying it for the first time again is overwhelmingly sweet since your taste buds have been so numb.

    Keep me updated on your cleanse-ease-out. I will be in your position in 9 days...

  2. Congrats on completing the cleanse!

    I've heard the same thing about sugar that Jon mentioned. I read that sugar is an acquired taste and that naturally children don't like it at first and have to grow to like it.

  3. Pretty much anything under 49 degrees is okay to whine about in my book:)
    OMG after your comment LP harder to train for b/c earlier in the season I Actually Looked at my schedule....for a "non-biker" I'm deep trouble with these long trainer rides!

    Nice work on the cleanse you are trackin now...


  4. WOW!!! YOU ARE HARDCORE!! I have always wanted to do a cleanse but I am not self-disciplined enough! Great run!!!
    p.s. I don't know you go without sugar, you are my idol. Good to know you have funeral potatoes too!



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