January 30, 2011

Core Fusion: My New Obsession

Every offseason I vow to do more strength training, particularly core work, but never do. I find it boring and painful. Enter Core Fusion. I heard about this workout from a friend and immediately wanted to sign up. It's a technique combining the Lotte Berk Method, Pilates, core conditioning and cardio. The classes are heralded as one of the best workouts and said to yield unbelievable results.

I finally got the motivation to give it a shot in December, but holiday parties, travel and gluttony interfered. So I picked up the DVD and figured I'd test it out while traveling. I'm not the DVD workout kind of girl, but it seemed acceptable given I'd be out of town. After my first try I was in hideous pain for 3 days and I didn't even do the full body routine. Being the glutton for punishment that I am, I was hooked.

I finally made it to my first class over the weekend and it completely kicked my ass. I can run a marathon, do an Ironman and suffer through hours and hours of training, but I can't do simple, basic core moves. I was reduced to a burning, shaking pool of sweat by the end of class. I was humbled.

I went into class stiff and sore from Friday's long run so by Saturday night I was experiencing a new level of burn. Everything hurt - my shoulders, all parts of my back, my biceps, triceps, thighs, abs and muscles I didn't even know I had. So naturally I got up and did it again this morning and loved every minute (except for the minute or two I almost cried).

I only have 2 more days before leaving town and my one-week trial will end. I'll buy a package of classes to continue when I return and will hopefully have results to report in a few weeks.


  1. I love core workouts. I did a Core Fusion Sport class at Exhale in Santa Monica CA during a work trip last year and it completely kicked my ass. Now I take a core class once a week. I have seen my cycling power output increase dramatically over the winter which I think is due to the core workouts. Good luck with everything.

  2. Different set of exercises uses up stored energy in the body.



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