January 3, 2011

Fresh Start

Today it began. The cleanse I've been contemplating, but could never seem to find the right time or enough courage to attempt. Starting a cleanse immediately following the holidays isn't the best timing due to the higher level of detox, but it's perfect for kick-starting the year on the right foot. I eased into it ever so slightly by cutting my coffee intake to one cup (vs. the 2-4 roasty cups I prefer) over several days, not eating any meat after my 5am burger on New Year's Eve/Day, increasing my fruit and vegetable consumption, and throwing out every bit of food that would tempt me. I was ready.

I'm doing the Blueprint Cleanse and am starting with 2 days of Juice 'til Dinner and then will advance to 3 days of the Foundation level cleanse, which consists of only juice. The 2 days of juice with a small amount of raw, vegan food will make the 3 days of juice a little easier to stomach. Or so I hope.

Blueprint makes it incredibly easy to cleanse, all you need to supply is the willpower. My first 2 days arrived Sunday afternoon neatly packed up. It was scary to see 2 entire days worth of food in such a small box.

Here is what a day on Juice 'til Dinner looks like. When I transition to Foundation I'll have the same 4 juices here, plus an additional green juice and a cashew milk, which I hear tastes like pure heaven after all of that juice.

I'm aiming to stick to this 100%, I even gave up coffee and so far am not suffering from the awful withdrawal symptoms. There are "cheat foods" listed for the juice days if you really can't take it, but I plan to do my best to see this through. I know I'll feel a million times better at the end of the week. Once I finish the Foundation cleanse I'll ease out over the course of another week, starting with mostly fruits and vegetables and slowly adding foods back in.

My training may suffer a little due to diminished energy levels, but I'm going to do my best to keep it up at a lower intensity. I had a challenging 10.5 mile run yesterday so I opted to give the legs a rest today and take a long walk with a friend instead.

Send some willpower my way!


  1. Wow it does it all for you! I feel like I am eating like a pig for my cleanse compared to yours.

  2. Good Luck w/ BPC! I did it last year (June). It was my first cleanse and went wayyy better than expected. I jumped right into the 3 days of juice, then did 2 days of Juice 'Til Dinner. I plan on doing it again this spring. I think it helped that when I did it it was in the midst of a crazy heat wave, so I wasn't too inclined to eat "real food" anyhow. Love to hear how it goes in the winter. Best :)

  3. Oh my... best of luck girl! I can't wait to hear your thoughts on all of this! Please keep us updated!!!

  4. Good luck!!

    I don't think I could ever do a cleanse because I get snippy when I am not well fed. Well, I guess I could do one, but my wife might make me sleep outside and there is quite a bit of snow out there.

  5. I'd send you some willpower...but I'm going to need all I have I think! I'm starting the 3 week Clean Cleanse tomorrow (Dr. Alejandro Junger). It's juice or soup or smoothy in the am & pm and a mid-day meal. I'm also trying to train through this....it should be good blogging material at least :) I'll be back to check on how you're doing!

  6. good luck!! def interested to hear how it goes.

  7. There is also another cleanse company that offers juices and raw foods in LA called red carpet cleanses. They even offer an amazing smootie chart for free and a one day cleanse format to follow...we all did the recipes OMG!!
    They are awesome!



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