January 28, 2011

Sixteen Dreadmill Miles

Snowpocalypse part III struck New York Wednesday and left me stranded at a hotel in the financial district unable to make it home after an event. It also left me unable to do my long run outside today so I had a choice: skip it (just like I skipped the previous 3 days' workouts) or suck it up and run 16 long miles on the dreadmill (aka the treadmill, for those who actually enjoy running indoors).

Thankfully the experience ended up being more tolerable than expected and went by surprisingly fast. I planned to break it up into parts - 6, 5 and 5, with a short break in between, but had forgotten that my programs the treadmills to stop after 30 minutes. So instead I paused for just a minute after each 30-minute interval to record my mileage and mentally regroup for the next one. This ended up working very well because it kept me from taking breaks, forced me to maintain a more consistent pace and made the miles fly by.

So what did I do for 2 hours, 18 minutes and 59 seconds while running?
  • Analyzed the lovely shade of blue the wall in front of me was painted. Note to self: try very hard to get a treadmill in front of the windows next time. You can only read the 5 rules of the fitness facility so many times.
  • Browsed through two catalogs. I figured I could get some shopping done and feel less guilty about throwing the catalog into the recycling without looking at it first.
  • Went through every song on my iPod and had to repeat a few. Must update running mix.
  • Found crafty ways to keep going when my 30-minutes was up, even when there were people waiting. I love breaking the rules.
  • Learned how to text and email on my iPhone without slowing my pace or falling.
  • Sweated approximately 3 pounds of my body weight.
I did 16 miles at an 8:41 average pace, which is pretty good for me these days. I used to be faster and hope to get back there someday, but for now I'll settle for injury-free and average. I'd also settle for the snow melting and the temp staying above 30, but that's highly unlikely. Just 6 more days before my next trip to California!


  1. You go girl... I don't know how you ran to no where for 16 miles! Then again, I ran 90 laps around my gym track today at night so I didn't even have the scenery to look at. Oh the things we'll do to stay fit!

    Bring back some warmth from Cali and send it to Ohio! Thanks!

  2. wow I have never gone that far on a dreadmill, I dont think I want to!

    I always end up 'people watching' and thats worse than reading a sign 100 times. It's gross lol

  3. I don't think I could ever make it that far on the dreadmill. I'd rather freeze off my fingers and toes and risk frostbite.

  4. Kristen, Nice job on the 16 tm miles - woohoo! I used to do a lot of very long runs on the tm and it never bothered me but lately, I can't seem to feel good...I keep watching the little light go around the track and think ARGHHHH, this is taking way too long! One day I hope to get my tm groove back!

    Thank for your very nice note on my blog about your experience with PF! I have been battling this heel pain for a couple years now but when I ran Boston last year, about mile 2 I got this shooting, stabbing feeling in my heel and had to pretty much walk most of that race (yay! Yes, I can relate to your 15+ min/mile pace....and then some). I had an insurance issue so was not able to get to a doctor and the XC coaches I work with all thought it was a stress facture. So I took a bunch of time off and it was no better. Ran SF marathon and the heel behaved so I tried to train around it but that damn heel was just tortue. I never EVER had morning pain or stiffness in all that time so never thought it was PF, but about a month ago, the morning thing started happening and I knew then what it was. I thought I also had a heel spur since the pain was centralized in one specific spot on the outside of my heel, but I don't (well, I do but it's very tiny and probably been there about 20 years the doc said). So I had a cortisone shot and tape my foot galore and crossing my fingers every single day I head out the door to run.

    I'm VERY curious what you did to combat your PF and get it under control. I go back to the podiatrist (who, btw, is a big time ultra runner) next Friday to discuss any progress and what to do next. His thought was a custom orthotic, maybe....but my funds are extremely limited and I hate to spend the cash if it's not a sure-thing.

    If you had a few minutes, could you email me and let me know what your symptoms were and how you navagated around it, and/or fixed it?

    THANKS!! And yeah, I'm so glad I'm not living out east right now...I feel for you girl!!

  5. OMG
    "shade of blue the wall in front of me"

    I will now stop complaining about my long runs I did at my club with two sides to the Cardio area and 40tv's to choose from

    great run!
    now go get some new music:)


  6. Kudos. I can imagine having to do that! And bummer about the NY weather. I dealt with it over the Christmas holiday, stuck in NJ. Take care!



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