February 7, 2011

Happy People Come From California

Woke up in wintry NYC, spent my afternoon here

I've decided it's not just the cows that are happy in California, it has to be everyone unless they've never bothered to pause and notice how perfect the weather is. Just in time to stave off seasonal affect disorder, I had three blissful days in Southern California. It was the perfect combination of doing fun things that were incredibly laid back and doing absolutely nothing, which was so nice for a change.

Afternoon picnic in Malibu

With early travel and a leisurely day picnicking on the beach and drinking wine, Friday was rest. Saturday was my long run so I went to Santa Monica and ran South along the beach to Venice and back. The scenery was beautiful and the sun was shining, but I felt awful. I had a nasty cold all week and didn't do a bit of running, plus I was totally under fueled and paid for it. I still managed to enjoy it and finished it with a 60-minute massage. So not a bad day.

Sunday was pure relaxation. I slept late, had the best pancakes ever and lounged in the sun for hours. Sometimes doing nothing is more enjoyable than something and it's nice to slow down and take it all in. Even though I was on the red-eye and in the office all day I feel completely refreshed. I'd say that was the perfect weekend.


  1. Thats it. I quit.

    ....moving to Cali.....

  2. Dude, it's 8 degrees in Chicago this morning. Way to rub it in.

  3. Massages and pancakes. Girl, I am so happy you had such an amazing weekend in S. Cali. When we are there visiting billy's family I am always 10 times happier. You are so so gorgeous!!!

  4. I'm so there. I've always wanted to live in Cali. Someday....

  5. Is it alright if I admit that I'm totally jealous??? :) Honesty is a good thing right?

  6. California has a good weather so you can feel the summer heat.



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