February 21, 2011

On the Upswing

After two days of rest and travel to the West Coast I attempted my 15-mile run and was successful in finishing relatively complication free. The biggest challenge wasn't my leg or foot, but a very terrifying encounter with a dog looking pretty much like this, minus the leash.

I saw a different loose dog as I approached so I turned off the iPod, crossed the street and picked up the pace. As I passed the house, there were two smaller dogs in the fence barking furiously but the loose dog was nowhere to be seen. Then seconds later the larger, far scarier beast charged straight toward me and came within inches. I screamed, threw a water bottle at it and leaped into a muddy ditch to put some distance between us. Thankfully he retreated and didn't attack me. This was just before Mile 4 and it took quite some time to regain composure. I was running amongst ranches and lemon groves, stunningly beautiful, but opted to do nearly 9 miles on a 2-lane highway to avoid more loose dogs. Such a shame.

But the leg held up and I was able to pick up the pace in the final 4 miles, a very good sign. I wouldn't say I'm out of the woods just yet, but I feel relieved at being able to get back to the schedule even if cautiously at first. I rewarded myself afterward with some post-run refueling in Ventura.

We drove up to Central Coast wine country in the afternoon and had a lovely evening. It's breathtaking. I could just sit outside and enjoy the view from our outdoor kitchen that is roughly twice the size of my entire New York City apartment.

We lit a fire, assembled a snack buffet and enjoyed some of the day's purchases before sleeping 9 blissful hours. Vacation is a wonderful thing.


  1. I love the stone brewery! good call.

  2. That dog picture is freaking scary! Liking your refueling choice!

  3. yikes, that picture is terrifying! glad the run turned out ok and you had a good vacation!

  4. Those damn free running dogs! I got chased in Michigan, as you know, and now I shy away from dogs as I run by them.

  5. Yikes! I love dogs, but not when I am on the menu.

    Glad you had a good trip! Welcome back to the snow :(

  6. What is that strange glow in all the pictures??? I've heard it called the sun before, but it has been so long that I forgot what it looks like.

    Looks like an awesome vacation!

  7. I'm from a mountain biking background so in the bush I've been attacked by 50+ dogs in my time. I wish I was exageratting, I'm scared of dogs. Got scars to prove why!

    Luv the fireplace! :)

  8. I am so freaked by dogs while running. Thankfully all my loose-dog encounters thus far were handled sufficiently with me yelling "go home" in a stern voice and not leading the dog in a chase. I feel like I read that somewhere and that's why I do that... I'm not really sure. Glad you escaped unscathed. And of course I wish I was on vacation too.

  9. Looks so relaxing... except for the dog! Scary stuff... glad he/she didn't attack!



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