February 3, 2011

Silver Linings

During every race plan I seem to have rough patches where the best laid plans go totally awry. But rarely do the patches include a bright side. This week was the exception. Thankfully it was a rest week so I didn't miss anything critical, and ultimately gained a few things. Here's what happened:
  • Monday - Came down with the latest viral plague circulating NYC. I skipped a 30' easy recovery bike, no big deal. Stayed up late packing for a Wednesday business trip to New Orleans followed by a fun weekend trip to California.
  • Tuesday - Felt like a bus ran me over. Skipped another 30' easy bike and had hell break loose at work as Snowpocalypse Part III proceeded to force us to cancel the New Orleans event. I was left with no way to get to CA from NYC so I quickly found a solution and salvaged my weekend. Silver Lining Number #1.
  • Wednesday - On the mend but instead of Snowpocalypse, we were blanketed in ice making the day miserable. My coach advised me not to run or bike, but said I could go to Core Fusion if I felt up to it. Silver Lining #2. I went and absolutely loved it. I also finished packing and was totally ready to go for my sunny weekend getaway.
  • Thursday - Started the day with an early Core Fusion class and had my running stuff packed up for a post-work treadmill session. The day turned to crap and I worked 11 hours so the last thing I felt like was the dreadmill. I came home and had wine instead.
I made it to Core Fusion 4 times this week, which was my goal, so I may not have done any marathon training but I discovered something new that will benefit me not only in my sport, but also in my life. And the best part about this week is that it's ending in California (Silver Lining #3). I arrive tomorrow morning and intend to completely check out and enjoy my time there.


  1. Core fusion sounds fantastic. Even though you were sick could things be any better?...new class and CA!

  2. Bring back good weather with you from sunny California, PLEASE!

  3. i've heard so much lately about core fusion and how great it is...i'm thinking i need to check it out! enjoy california, the weather here has been great lately!

  4. You sound so happy, K - I love it!
    Have a great weekend.

  5. Jealous you're off to sunny, warm climates. Have a blas!!



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