March 25, 2011

LA Marathon - The Quick Summary

Let me sum up my LA Marathon experience in one word - unpleasant. Actually, unpleasant is putting it delicately. I had such high hopes despite my training setbacks and injury, and up to the halfway point I was making decent time. But things went drastically wrong, including hurricane-like weather conditions, so the day did not go as planned. In fact, it was my toughest day of racing yet. I'm working on a full report but thought I'd share a glimpse in the meantime. Here are some photos I felt really captured the day (don't tell MarathonFoto).

Someone actually raced with an umbrella and I love the various attempts at rain gear

The look on my face says it all - world of hurt

After some time to reflect I'm really proud of my accomplishment, and even happier no harm was done health-wise. I also had a really incredible weekend with a friend and that beats a marathon any day. I've thawed out, have been eating and drinking whatever my heart desires, and resting, resting, resting. Stay tuned for the full, gory report in the next couple days, complete with the most humiliating race photos of all time. Oh the humanity.


  1. Those photos indicate a rough day indeed. As if 26.2 miles isnt tough enough? Hopefully the weather will cooperate for your next race and you will set a PR.

    Gotta Run,

  2. i'm impressed! it looked miserable out there!

  3. I would buy that picture for sure, just to remind myself how hard the race was.

  4. i can't imagine. i've had a rainy marathon race day but it wasn't nearly like (what i heard) happened in la. way to tough it out? those pics are funny - the umbrella, awesome.

  5. I can't even imagine running a marathon in weather like that.

    It will sure be a race you never forget though. You are pretty bad ass for pushing through.

  6. OMGosh

    looks like it!
    good job getting thru it. didnt go as planned but you gutted it out thats way harder to do


  7. Eeeeeewwwwww... looks gross! :(

  8. I had to go back a few posts to see what occurred in LA (Sorry, I am so very far behind!). I'm so sorry it didn't go better, I heard LA was just miserable weather but I am super relieved to hear your PF was behaving...a milestone for sure, yes?!? I feel very frustrated, actually (don't really announce that on the blog ... but I am pretty down with this whole nightmare), so it's good to hear that maybe in 3 years I, too, can beat this thing!!

    Good job sticking with that race in such miserable conditions. Looking forward to more details of the race.



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