March 29, 2011

Stuff I Love: The Vitamix

I rarely write about products and recently realized I should. After all, a big part of our enjoyment of this sport is fueled by the gear, nutrition and gadgets we have come to rely on so much. And right now I'm in the midst of a love affair with a blender and feel like shouting it from the rooftops. So here we have it, my obsession with the Vitamix.

I recently melted my sad, average blender in a frozen banana smoothie attempt. It was literally smoking and fell apart before my eyes. I've gotten rather fond of smoothies (best breakfast ever!) and was in need of a rapid replacement. A little research revealed the market leaders - the Vitamix and Blendtec. After toiling for days over research, I settled on the Vitamix and have to admit was a little anxious over the sticker shock, but the fans of this blender swear by it.

After having it for a week I can attest it is worth every penny. This thing could grind rocks into a smooth, creamy concoction. You just layer it up with whatever fruit and vegetable goodness you desire and turn it on.

Yesterday morning I turned this:

Into this:

One minute is pretty much the max blending time needed for anything and there are no chunks lingering behind. I'm adding spinach to everything as a sneaky way to eat more greens. I'm also adding things like hemp seed, raw nuts or protein for an added nutritional boost. I even made a raw vegetable soup in it. I don't think I've consumed so much fresh produce in my life. The options are pretty much endless.

The only potential con I have identified is the size. It's gargantuan to put it delicately. It's almost the size of my New York City kitchen but I'm making room for it. I'm relying on the Vitamix to get me back on track after falling SO far off the clean diet wagon. Cheers to that!

Today's Training
Swim: 1,400m, 30:00 (first time in the pool since January... ouch)


  1. I'm still waiting for my current blender to die before I buy a vitamix (it won't die). You can make peanut butter in that sucker in like 5 secs!

  2. total cheers to that....I guess it was good news on the meltdown?:)


  3. Congrats on your purchase! We've had ours for a year now and use it 2x a day. It replaced 2 blenders that have died over the last 2-3 years alone. Happy blending and training!

  4. I think I'll pass.

    I don't drink anything that looks like it came out my nose.

    Althought if you put it in a non-transparent sippy cup, then I might be able to drink it. Just dont let me see what it looks like, thats all :)

    Nice toy btw!

  5. mmm i LOVE green smoothies! i've heard amazing things about the vitamix, and compared to the wimpy little magic bullet i use it would probably blow my mind!

  6. I am having serious blender envy here! Mine is nice, but nowhere near Vitamix nice.

    As nice as the blender may or may not be I just cannot get myself to put spinach (or kale for that matter) in my morning smoothies...



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