April 4, 2011

Let's Get This Party Started!

Today marked the beginning of a few things:

Ironman Training!
I was up at 5:30 and in the pool by 6:15 for a workout that kicked my out-of-shape, offseason butt. It involved speedwork, which I don't think I've done since last summer, and had me surprisingly hot for being in cool water. It felt good to do a swim that counted as an actual workout.

A Return to Clean Eating
Remember that 80/20 approach I so passionately shared recently? Let's just say I've been more on the 20/80 plan lately, particularly since the LA Marathon. Part of that was my eat-whatever-my-heart-desires phase, and part was my insane sugar addiction being fueled by massive quantities of sugar. I blame delicious treats such as this.

If you see these, run. Run as fast as you can...

April Dry Spell
No, I'm not talking about the weather, I'm talking about a mini-break from my good friend wine and pretty much everything else in the alcohol family. I'm not giving it up entirely, but have earmarked two special occasions to enjoy freely and will limit consumption to just a couple more glasses during the month. The return to training and upcoming business travel will leave me tired. I figured I owed my body a break.

I feel ready for the changes and look forward to feeling stronger in no time. I have a bike on the schedule tonight, my first double in a very long time. I'll be sure to toast my success with a nice sparkling water post-ride!


  1. I remember you mentioning to me on a ride last Fall that Lake Placid was an "early" Ironman and I was wondering what the heck you meant by that. July isn't early! Or so I thought...

    Now I know.

    While I have been slogging it through the crappy winter weather, you have been able to hold off the crazy training (other than your marathon) till now when it is finally nice out.

    You are a wise woman!

  2. Aaahhh IM training
    bet you will be psyched to get back to routine. Can already tell in your tone you are excited about the change
    that= a great thing


  3. I'm attempting a "dry spell" myself. Not wine though, but pop - my evil addiction. So far, I have made it a week. Almost had a relapse today, but stayed strong.

    Way to get back in the pool today. A swim and bike sounds like a great way to kick off your training!

  4. Congrats on the first big swim workout!

  5. Best of luck with IM training!
    I saw those smores at TJ and did exactly that--ran the other way. Way too dangerous!

  6. looking forward to following along this time around! i'm actually really excited to start training for my tri season, although it won't be half as intense as IM training!

  7. Let the games begin!

    You are going to rock this! Exciting!

  8. I can't even begin to tell you how much I want those S'mores. We are talking "lunchtime run to Trader Joes just to buy them" sort of want...

    And in healthier news, way to rock the early morning workout! I am still trying to convince myself to get out of bed before 6:30.

  9. TJ's strikes again!! Those sound amazing. Chocolate. S'mores. I'm sold. (like it takes much)

    I used to drink bubbly water daily. I had to cut back on those even tho they say 0cals, 0sugars...

  10. YAY for IM training! Love it!

    And what are those treats... they sound fabulous!!! :) I *heart* trader joes!



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