April 1, 2011


Since I signed up for Alcatraz, a race with a notoriously difficult swim, I decided it was time to go back to the pool. I reluctantly dragged myself there earlier this week for 30 easy minutes and while I was a bit bored, it wasn't entirely terrible considering I haven't been in the water for over two months, and really not much in the three months before that. Then last night I got to swim here, in a beautiful 50-meter pool that cuts the boredom in half.

I'll be spending the weekend in DC to celebrate my brother-in-law's birthday and see some cherry blossoms. There is sure to be a lot of eating and drinking, which means many more trips to the pool since I'm still not cleared to run!

In other news, I had a big health scare with my cat Otis this week. He was sick when I got back from the LA Marathon and it spiraled into extensive tests including X-rays, ultrasound and multiple rounds of blood work. I spent about three days accepting the thought I might lose him, but in the end everything turned out ok. I have never been more relieved and thankful.

Wednesday - Bike, 14.79 miles
Thursday - Swim, 1,500 meters


  1. have fun in DC! Dont be one of the jerk tourists who stand on the right hand side of the escalator when going into or out of the metro! Those people suck :)

    glad your kitty is ok!

  2. I have a cat named Otis!!! Glad he is ok! And good job dragging yourself back to the pool!

  3. Glad to hear you kitty is ok! Kitty scares are the worst!

  4. Glad that Otis is doing better!

    That looks like a pretty sweet pool. Enjoy your time down there!

  5. Alcatraz!!!
    I'm so excited for you (and envious, of course)- what a great opportunity, and for a great cause.
    I guess we'll both be buckling down soon, eh?
    Good times!

  6. Good news that Otis is on the mend.

    That looks like a gorgeous pool. Although for Alcatraz, you might want to hit up the wave pool at a water park to practice :)

  7. Great news on Otis!
    and awesome lookin pool!

  8. still so cool that you're doing alcatraz! it's about time i get back in the pool, too, thanks for the reminder! glad your kitty is ok, i've definitely been there. have fun in DC!



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