April 10, 2011

Week in Review

Ah, Sunday. For many it means sleeping in, brunch, the two-inch thick New York Times. For others it means chlorine, sweat and sport food. I actually like both versions, which is why I'm incredibly thankful for the offseason. But for now my Sunday is mostly the latter, though it is a recovery day so it has a relaxing feel to it. If I'm really beat I can do nothing and rest, but if I'm up for it I can do a recovery swim. I also have an optional bike each week to do on a single workout day or Sunday if I wish.

Today I did both even though I did the optional bike on Wednesday already (shhhh, don't tell my coach). I'm all for rest, but I'll have a couple days off next week due to a business trip to Colorado Springs (to the USOC training facility, be jealous of me!!!). After eating The King last night a rest day didn't seem needed. Plus I ate this post-swim/pre-ride.

Muffin stuffed with pork shoulder bacon, cheddar and soft-boiled egg

The Numbers:
  • Swim - 5,600 yards, 1:51:26
  • Bike - 98.11 miles, 6:22:46
  • Run - 10.50 miles, 1:36:24
I'm still babystepping back into running after the Hell-A Marathon, but at least all went well. My love affair with the bike has been rekindled and the swim... I'm tolerating it. One week down, 32 more to go!

In closing I wanted to share one of the best things I've made in a long time, mushroom bolognese from The Italian Dish blog.

I had it over quinoa pasta two nights in a row and froze the rest. I can't wait to finish a long day of training and have it waiting for me again!


  1. I have never in my life seen such an egg thing - in a muffin no less. I'm sure it was good, but it certainly looks odd!

    Your bike numbers put me to shame! Glad things are going well....

  2. ahhhh Sunday mornings in NYC...
    my two college buddies that live in the City whenever I visit on Sun morn we head for breakfast coffee and the paper

    they usually read the Times while I read the Post. I'm a Post kinda guy:) haha

    nice job week 1 CHECK ...into it now

  3. whoa baby! U got some nice numbers there!
    Dont rush the run, ease back into it, especially after the last 'fun' one ;) hah!

    I'll pass on the umm food looking thing that has yellow eyeballs in it. Disturbing.
    The pizza looking thing looks yummy except I think I caught a glimpse of green things in it. Nothing green ever has a place on something resembling pizza. :)

  4. I think I sent you that bolognese sauce recipe... it sure is delicious!!

  5. Those are your first week numbers??? Holy cow! Watch out Madison! :)



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