June 12, 2011

A Birthday and Anniversary

Today was a very special day. Thirty-six years ago my mom and dad were getting ready for a nice anniversary dinner when my mom unexpectedly went into labor. Instead of enjoying the special meal, they were at the hospital having me. Today was not only my birthday, but also their 40th anniversary and I've never seen two people love each other more. Happy Anniversary mom and dad and thank you for everything you've done for me. I wouldn't be who I am today without you.

I've never been a big birthday person in the party sense, but I like to do something special. Last year I raced Eagleman 70.3 and this year I told myself Alcatraz and the trip to San Fran was my gift to myself. But the weekend rolled around and I needed to at least acknowledge my actual day of birth. So I kicked it off Friday with a long overdue night out with a dear friend, starting at a new rooftop beer garden in gorgeous weather and ending with a phenomenal dinner sitting outside in sundresses enjoying the warmth.

Saturday was blissfully lazy. My ride was rained out so we went for brunch instead. There were naps, time spent downloading race pictures from last week, time spent relaxing and just catching up. I got a pedicure and had a glass of wine and before I knew it we had to get ready for dinner.

Mark was taking me to a restaurant I've always considered one of the best in New York, Mas in the West Village. We had a perfect table and the perfect bottle of champagne and while browsing the menu they suggested we just let the chef cook for us and they would take care of everything. Sold. We love to eat this way whenever possible. The meal was outstanding and the experience just perfect.

Today, my actual birthday, started with lazy morning coffee at my favorite cafe followed by muffins in the park. Since the rain held off we went for a short ride to justify the muffins, logging 25 easy birthday miles. After a little rest I headed out for my birthday eve adventure - rock climbing at Brooklyn Boulders. After my experience climbing outdoors I was nervous, but it would turn out to be much more doable. I took a class and was climbing within an hour. We had such a great time, it was one of the most memorable birthday gifts I've ever received.

While this week was a bust for training, I took the opportunity to slow down, rest, catch up and enjoy my life. I'm only in town a few more days this month and wanted them to be normal, stress-free days.

I also decided to do the inaugural Ironman Mont-Tremblant in 2012 and booked my lodging today! This means I have to push Comrades to another year, but I'm ok with that. This plans feels exactly right for my year.

I have a long Alcratraz race report in draft that I'll share this week. The quick summary - it was amazing. More to come!


  1. Happy Birthday! Looking forward to your Alcatraz report. And see ya in Mont Tremblant!

    P.S. Where is the outdoor rooftop Beer Garden?

  2. happy birthday! sounds like your celebration was perfect : ) looking forward to the alcatraz recap!

  3. Happy belated birthday my dear! And very cool that your birthday and your parents anniversary are the same! 40 years... I love it! Mine are celebrating their 40th this year as well! Congrats to them!

  4. Happy Birthday! And Happy Anniversary to your parents as well! What a great anniversary present you gave them :)

    It sounds like IMMT is going to be a huge party! Can't wait!

  5. Happy belated birthday to you, and anniversary to your parents!

    MT looks gorgeous in the photos I've seen. I'd pass on the IM and just go for vacation ;)



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