July 8, 2011

Cape Coddin' It

Just two days after returning from Greece I left on another trip, but this one was for pleasure. I've spent the past week in Provincetown at the very tip of Cape Cod, by far one of my favorite places on Earth. All of the Cape is lovely, but there is something really special about the outer Cape that I've loved since the first time I came here in the Summer of 1998. I was joined by my family and we have a little condo at the end of a pier where the water is beneath us during high tide. To swim, I simply walk down a set of stairs and voila - open water heaven.

As you can imagine, a beach vacation at the outermost tip of the Cape involves eating a lot of seafood.

Going to the beach.

Relaxing on the deck.

And lucky for me, it also involves beautiful biking along dunes, salt marshes and the ocean. I've done two rides so far - a 42-mile out-and-back from Provincetown to Wellfleet and a 72-mile ride to Wellfleet and then to Dennis and back on the Cape Cod Rail Trail, a 22-mile paved path for cyclists, walkers and runners.

That ride ended with the perfect recovery meal.

I had a ride planned this morning but woke up to rain. It doesn't look like it will clear so my biking may be done here, but at least I got in the miles I did. After a two-week bike hiatus it felt good to be back in the saddle (well, actually the saddle part didn't feel so good but you get my point...) and should make it easier to dive back into the training when I get home.


  1. beautiful pics! nothing like a summer vacation on the beach : )

  2. It looks amazing! However, I've never been much a seafood person so I don't know what I'd eat. Maybe I just haven't had good seafood.

  3. I've heard that Cape Cod is amazing and these pictures make me realize that what I've heard is correct! Hope you are having a great time there!

  4. the stairs to the open water is pretty much incredible

    that bib makes me think of that Seinfeld episode!

  5. Wow, Cape Cod looks incredible. I want to visit that place now! Love the pic of the stairs to the open water, very cool!



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