July 22, 2011

Killer Heat

It's hot outside. Scorching, boiling, miserable hot. It got into the upper 90s yesterday but didn't break the milestone 100 mark until today around noon. This meant bad luck for me for two reasons: (1) I had an 11-mile run on the schedule, and (2) I got some sort of food poisoning/stomach virus this week which is oh so fun in the heat. My plan was to be up at 4 and out the door by 5, but the stomach and general cruelness of the week didn't allow for that so instead I was up at 5:30 and didn't make it out the door until 7:30. It was already oppressively hot.

I took it super easy and was still reduced to a pool of sweat. I could feel the heat radiating off me. I drank 20 ounces of Cytomax, 8 ounces of ice water during my fluids refill stop, then 20 more ounces of water. I weighed myself before and after and was down 4 pounds. I did pretty well until about mile 9 where I had to stop and sit in the shade for a minute before powering through the final 2 miles. When I got inside, this was on weather.com.

I stopped at a deli, bought 10 pounds of ice and retreated to the air conditioning. An ice bath has never felt better.

After a 2-hour nap and tons of fluids I feel pretty good, albeit still sleepy. It's so hot out there that my apartment is 80 degrees even with the AC on high and set at 68. I'm really looking forward to the sun going down, but for now this is what New Yorkers are dealing with.


  1. yikes! I feel your pain..actually our weather in Wisconsin has been similar for the last week. I try to do more cross training because I'm just dead during a run in that kind of heat. good luck with the rest of your training!

  2. ugh we're dealing with some high temps, too, though no triple digits...yet. kudos to you for still getting your run in, i'm impressed! hopefully things cool off soon!

  3. I think the weather has finally broken here. Fingers crossed.

    It has been brutal though. Way to suffer through it.

  4. Welcome to my world :) Don't worry, I'm not gonna preyed it's easy to workout in 90-100 degree weather cause it sure isn't! Way to tough it out. Hopefully these insane temps don't last much longer.

  5. Between the heat and the belly - you had the cards stacked against you! :( It's been miserable here too! Hope the worst is behind us!

  6. What a strange heat wave. Down here in South Florida, we get hot, but not that hot. Only in the low 80s at 5AM going up to the mid 80s by 9AM. Perhaps you should come train in South Florida to escape the heat. I never thought I'd write that sentence.



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