July 31, 2011

More Progress and a Nice Break

I had a fairly good week from a consistency standpoint but still couldn't hit 100%. The nagging stomach issue I acquired last week has hung on with a vengeance and caused weakness, dehydration and exhaustion, which continuing heat and steadily increasing training load just added to. But overall it was a very good week with a solid medium run Monday, long run Wednesday and really nice ride on Long Island Thursday. I was feeling pretty beat up from the running and the tiredness lingered, but I had to prepare for Friday, my biggest day of the week.

I had a plan to drive up to Westchester County to ride 100 miles on the Toughman Half Iron course. I packed everything up on Thursday and set the alarm for 4:15, just 5.5 hours after my head hit the pillow. I got up, drank as much coffee as possible and did my final packing. It was raining lightly but the forecast called for it to clear so I wasn't too concerned... that is until I went to load up the car and a monsoon rolled in. I got soaked packing the car and prayed it would stop on the drive. An hour and a half later it had lightened up but showed no signs of stopping so I clipped in and headed out. Light rain and mist continued for about 3 hours but it kept the temperature down and the overcast sky was a dream. I was actually chilly at times. I was still sleepy and pretty exhausted and wondered if I'd make it two loops, but then miraculously felt better after about 4 hours. I ended up doing 106.7 miles and climbing just over 6,000 feet. It was my first long ride on the tri bike (and in tri shorts... ouch) this season and I couldn't have felt better.

I'm riding a lot slower this year and just have to accept that. I was out crushing myself with the peloton two days a week last year and was pushing a lot harder overall. I'm riding a ton and really enjoying it, but it hasn't been the hammerfest that 2010 was and my numbers show it. C'est la vie. I'm happy on my bike and that's all I can ask for.

I took a little break on Saturday and traded spandex for an evening gown to attend a wedding with Mark. It was a classic New York City afternoon: ceremony at St. Patrick's Cathedral, champagne at 21 Club and a Park Avenue reception with dancing, fun and friends. The perfect Saturday night.

Saturday's festivities led to a very leisurely Sunday morning with a 10:15 wake-up. Yes folks, 10:15. Usually by that hour I've logged two workouts and am heading back to bed! It was fairly amazing and so desperately needed. We did a 2-hour ride in the early afternoon and I headed to the pool for the first time in 3 weeks and swam an hour continuous. This, my friends, is the best money I have EVER spent.

This fully waterproof iPod Shuffle made a 3,000 yard continuous swim feel like nothing. I felt like I was in my own little universe and for the first time ever, wasn't bored out of my mind.

I have another big week ahead, but a step-down on the bike so I should feel a little fresher. I also have a major decision in the works and I'll share that in the coming days.


  1. Hey Kristin - great job getting the workouts in. How did you ever ride 106 miles in tri shorts??? :) And I couldn't swim if it weren't for my SwiMP3!!

    And you look gorgeous in that dress from the wedding! :)

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. You know, I did teeter back and forth but I really felt like I was debating the full for the wrong reasons. I knew that I would be miserable out there, knowing what I was looking forward to in the fall and I have too much respect for the distance to not give it my all. I'm so happy with my decision... no, it wasn't easy, but I'm planning on an IM next year and I really think that the time off this year will make me ready to go full force in terms of training! Just a thought! :)

  2. Waterproof shuffle?! Where have you been my whole (athletic) life! I need to Google this ASAP....
    Oh, and congrats with the long ride. Sadly, my own IM goals for this year have ended (a trend?), so I'm living through your adventures.

  3. that shuffle looks awesome...I am Ofer2 on the H2OAudio products

    nice ride!

  4. oh man, music while you swim - brilliant! awesome job on 100+ miles. i still can't even wrap my mind around rides that long!

  5. I have an ipod nano...do you use a waterproof case for your ipod shuffle to swim with? Where could I find such a case? Thanks...love your blog!



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