August 24, 2011

The Home Stretch

When you sign up for Ironman 12 months in advance it feels like the day will never come. This week marks my final build before taper yet the race still felt somewhat distant... until bib numbers were released today. On September 11 I'll be racing my third Ironman Wisconsin as athlete number 517. If the third time is really a charm, 517 will be my new lucky number.

This last build week is a beast, but I'm enjoying these final moments. With all my struggles for consistency and more missed training than I can count, it feels good to nail the final, huge workouts. Here's what I've done so far this week:

Monday - Biked 80.91 miles on what might have been the nicest day yet this summer. It was sunny, warm and absolutely beautiful. It felt like a gift to be on my bike all afternoon.

Tuesday - Biked 39.85 miles in two rides, one in the morning and one after work. Again, gorgeous day.

Today - Ran 17.19 miles before work, my final long run. I've really struggled with running this time around but this run was great. Despite the huge training load already on my tired legs I felt fantastic throughout.

Here's what's still to come:

Thursday - Bike 1-1.5 hours easy, definitely will not be pushing after the big run.

Friday - Bike 1.5 hours, swim 1.5 hours. Drive to Lake Placid!

Saturday - Bike 100 miles, run 30 minutes. Swim if I have time.

Sunday - I'm supposed to rest but will likely get one final LP ride in before heading home.

There is a lot less hay in the barn this year, but I feel relatively prepared and am starting to really look forward to race day. I can't turn back the clock and make up all the missed training, I can only focus on what I've been able to accomplish and enjoy the experience. Ironman Wisconsin hasn't let me down yet so I am anticipating a really great day out there.


  1. Sounds like it is all coming together! Enjoy your time up in LP and drink an Ubu for me, k?

  2. You got a lucky number 7 in your number too. That has to be a good sign!



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