September 10, 2011

Ironman Wisconsin: Go Time!

As always, race week has flown by and I'm now less than 24 hours from the start of my fourth Ironman. I've really enjoyed the time here in Madison and am looking forward to a great day tomorrow.

For anyone interested in tracking me on Sunday I'll be racing under number 517.

In honor of the 10th anniversary of September 11, I'll be wearing this race top all day on the course.

I have no doubt it will be a very emotional and significant day for me. A young firefighter racing IMWI spoke at the athlete's dinner last night. He said to ask ourselves on race morning what this day means to us and to carry the emotions of the day into the other parts of our lives. He'll be doing the marathon in his full firefighting gear. I can't wait to see him out there.

The week has been filled with activities and friends, all feeling like a celebration of what we've accomplished thus far. Just being here in Madison to start the race is a gift, regardless of the outcome.

I had the opportunity to meet up and swim with fellow blogger Kevin, racing his first Ironman and no doubt kicking some serious ass out there. Be sure to cheer him on as well.

See you on the other side, hopefully as a four-time Ironman!


  1. Good luck & Have a Great race day tomorrow.


  2. Good luck! I'm sure you will do awesome. My hubby did the lake geneva triathlon this morning..he did the sprint distance but it was a great experience none the less. Have in WI...I'm a fellow blogger from Milwaukee :)

  3. good luck tomorrow! have a blast! love the tank & reason behind it.



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