October 2, 2011

Making Time

Three weeks ago right now, I was somewhere in the first few miles of the Ironman Wisconsin marathon. After an incredible race I was looking forward to some much-needed rest. My coach put me on an unstructured schedule and encouraged me to do whatever I felt like - if anything. One thing was certain, my plantar fasciitis was near its worst and an extended break from running was mandatory. And despite how much I just love the pool (sarcasm) I would have done some swimming were it not for a minor surgical procedure on my toe (too disgusting for this blog). So the result was a three-week period of complete rest aside from one short bike ride two weeks ago that involved a lobster roll...

Connecticut Style From Red Hook Lobster Pound Truck

... and ice cream sandwich...

Snickerdoodles With Nutella Toasted Almond Ice Cream from Coolhaus Truck

... and a beautiful fall ride this morning that didn't involve a food break.

I really haven't missed the training, but have finally started yearning to be active. I thought I'd have heaps of free time to catch up on all those photos I never posted, write my race report, get my apartment in order, visit with friends I haven't seen for months. But what I discovered is that I'm just as busy now as I was before Ironman and it made me think a lot about the question I get asked the most: "How do you have the time for all that training?" I realized the answer is that I don't have it. You most likely don't have it. Almost nobody truly has it. The answer is that I make time for it. I squeeze it into the dark, early morning hours or late, lonely nights that bookend my already crazy-busy day.

That realization made me appreciate this sport that much more. At the end of the day it's just my hobby, but it's one that is truly satisfying and full of reward. It also made me appreciate this precious time that is the offseason. I plan to enjoy it fully.

In the spirit of applying some in-season discipline I will make my race report a top priority over the next week. I have the bike section half drafted and need to finish capturing the thoughts before too much time has passed. I'm also going to peel myself from the couch and get back to being active, but only for the pleasure of feeling my heart beat and working up a sweat. There will be no training going on here for a few months.


  1. "How do you have the time for all that training?" - I wish I had an answer! I've cut back my training quite a bit to avoid burnout and still feel like I am running all over the place to get everything in.

  2. Yeah after Placid I was busier than my busiest weeks of training? How does that happen? My guess is I put off all of that post race stuff for months and finally it needed to get done.....like getting my car inspected. Oops!

    We gotta get together at some point! If its over donuts, it will have to be over a drive. My knee has left me crippled from riding :(

  3. "after an incredible race"....I've been popping from time to time to hear about your race...can't wait to get all the details!!! Looks like it went well and I am so happy for you :).

    Yeah, stupid PF!! I have found someone who seems to have the right tricks up his sleeve and so far, so good. Finger's crossed.

    Enjoy your time off...I'm drooling over that ice cream sandwich!! YUM!



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