January 25, 2012

Another Reason to Stay Active

If you're reading this you're most likely active in some way or hoping to be. There are many different things that compel us to be active, but something most of us have in common is that we love it. Sure, we also love to complain about it at times and certainly don't always feel like doing it, but something keeps us going.

As if we don't already have enough reasons to stay active, my coach shared this incredible study showing the difference between the quadriceps of a 70-year old triathlete and a 74-year old sedentary man.

Which leg do you want to have at 70?


  1. ahhh i saw this the other day! pretty amazing.

  2. I cannot claim to be as lean as that triathlete, but I think I might have benefited from this effect awhile back when I hit some issues that took me from completing several big endurance events a year to struggling to walk around the block. I bounced back much faster than any of the care givers were expecting.

    1. I couldn't agree more! I was hit by a car several years ago and walked away mostly scraped and beat up. I feel like being fit at the time really helped with the accident and recovery. Congrats to you for getting back to it!



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