January 9, 2012

Week One: Not a Bad Start

Sunday wrapped up my first week of training for the 2012 season and overall, it was a decent start. Here's what I accomplished:
  • Swim - 3,400 yards, 1:20:00 (2 workouts)
  • Bike - 52.59 miles, 3:27:45 (2 rides, 1 short trainer session)
  • Run - 8.34 miles, 1:31:00 (3 baby-steps workouts)
I skipped strength training since I was doing a juice cleanse and had only so much energy, but otherwise stuck to the schedule and didn't play my usual game of shuffling things around to suit my mood or how many times I hit the snooze button. It doesn't look like much, but I've learned the hard way that nothing good comes of going from zero to hero so I'll be patient.

*TMI Warning*

I'm only sharing this because (A) It's an issue almost all cyclists/triathletes face, and (B) It can seriously ruin your training...

This week I also conquered something that has plagued me for over a year - the dreaded saddle sore. I battled it the entire 2011 season and it was in fact a carryover from the 2010 season that had subsided briefly during the offseason. But when this offseason came and I still had it with little-to-no biking, I finally sought medical treatment. A culture revealed a strep infection resistant to topical antibiotics so I was prescribed a hefty, three-week course of oral antibiotics. After two weeks it is finally gone. I pray it never comes back. If you're struggling with a saddle sore and typical treatments aren't helping, see a doctor. I wish I had a year ago.

*TMI over, carry on*


  1. Yikes! That is one heck of a saddle sore!

    Great job on your first week!

  2. Totally not TMI! I am calling that VUI! Very Useful Information!

  3. What are the typical treatments for saddle sores? I have two that just won't leave me alone, show up every time I ride on 2 consecutive days (i.e. all season)...???

    1. Unfortunately it often depends on the source of the sore - ingrown hair, friction, pressure, infection. But some basic methods that help are alcohol and neosporin. For most people that will take care of it. I also started using chamois cream a few years ago and it helps prevent it!

  4. If I master learning to swim for exercise this year I really want to try a tri but the thought of how much time training would take is daunting with 2 kids a a job. The long runs of marathon training took enough time - I couldnt imagine training for 3 events.

    My step mom is 52 - two years ago she went from overweight smoking nonactive mess to this amazingly strong woman who won her age group in one of the Texas tri series. She is my inspiration!




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